Monday, October 26, 2009

Bloggers Who Have Blogged About Suji

Suji is the new neighborhood of Yongin that I will be moving into. This will be a link dump as I post links to other bloggers out there that have written about visiting Suji or have lived there.

From what I can tell there aren't any thrills to living in Suju but just normal quiet life, something I actually look forward to.

When In Korea wrote a nice piece. Hmm after reading through that post seems like the area isn't really clean. But I am not sure if this person lives in the same are as where I am in Suji. Sigh, it is so hard to tell.

Sarah in South Korea seemed to have lived there last year and again her remarks are that things were a little dirty. Still I feel it is a bit cleaner than living in a crowded part of Seoul. In general most parts of Korea share the same "Dirtyness" which are people spitting, air pollution and lack of trash cans.

Tour of Korea blogger lived in the area or still does and seems to have enjoyed it. Looks like they did the typical stuff and spent a lot of time up in Seoul.

The Foot that Feels the Foot When it Feels the Ground doesn't live in Suji but closer to Everland, which is nearby. They are a couple with a baby and so it is interesting to get their experience. They seem to like living in the less crowded area too.

And then of course there is the Dave's Esl Chatter to think about. But I think your experience depends on what you want to do and what you do in the area.

St.Joe to Suji Jo looks like she is enjoying the hiking opportunities.

Besides life in Suji, Yongin has many attractions to offer. I found there is a nice temple to visit...anyways I am trying to make myself excited for my move and keep positive.

All in all, I know that I will be making adjustments and getting use to my new area when I move in. It seems that the more exciting stuff is in Bundang (20 min ride on bus or subway) or of course up in Seoul (45 min ride on bus) (subway option that goes straight into Gangnam).

If any of you live in Yongin, Bundang or Suji then share your experiences or blog, for that would be great.


  1. I've been living in Bundang for nearly 4 years. I think it's a great place to be in Korea, one of the best. Cleaner air, nice parks, not as hectic, nice suburbia feel, places to eat, and not too far from the urban center of Seoul.

  2. I'm wishing you good luck on the move and feeling jealous at your month-off, even if you're spending it in a goshiwon! I replied to a comment you made on my post. I don't understand what you meant!

  3. Hello. I write (well, try to) When in Korea... blog. The photos I took were of an area near my school. They were building a new walkway near the stream. It has been finished and is very nice. Yes there are dirty places in Suji, but its not as bad as it was just a few months ago. I personally dont like seeing only tall apartment buildings that all look the same, but if you explore there are some nice green areas and mountains in the area. Good luck^^


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