Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Job Hunt Update: Oct. 13

There are periods where I get notices back to back and my cell phone is buzzing like crazy. Then there are periods when all is quiet and I start to panic a little on what is going to happen.

But I have the time to let the right job come to me. Besides this is going to be another year or so of my life and I don't want to take something just because half of it looks good.

Some might say that you only need one or two recruiters when looking for a public school position. This is true if you are going the official route and applying directly to the GEPIK, EPIK and SMOE positions that hire only twice year (spring and summer). If you apply to more than one recruiter your application will be moot.

But you don't have to apply directly and can find a public school that is looking to a fill a position. There are some schools that operate independently and so hire a teacher personally instead of having a new Native Teacher dropped into their school.

With that said I am still faced with the fact that not a lot of schools go that route and if so they usually hire around March.

So this is a waiting game.

Anyways, let's take a look at what is on the table:
  • Yongin position: Waiting to hear back about getting an interview. Starts in December
  • Nowon position: At a private public elementary school. Offers 7 weeks vacation. They want someone ASAP so I am not sure they will consider me since I can't start till November.
That's it thus far. I had a position and interview for Anyang but after checking out the school and housing location made the decision of "no". Sure they wanted me but I still feel like waiting it out till I have more to chose from. It is always a gamble when you say no to a job opportunity, for you are betting that something better will come along.

But I am not in a desperate situation as I was last year and so feel I can be picky. Just don't want to be too picky that I am left with nothing.

In the meantime, I am nearly finished with TEFL certificate. Also I am rejoicing everyday that goes by as I know it means less and less time spent in my officetell-hell.

Anyways, we will see!


  1. Hey, Joy

    Glad the job huntis chugging along even if it is intermittently. Which TEFL program did you use if you don't mind me asking.

  2. I used:

    And it was really good.

  3. you should check www.parkenglish.com it's a very good site about tesl teachers


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