Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Tribute to Pencil Cases

I have been trying to create this for a while. I was inspired by the Seoul Patch's attempt at photographing his student's pencil cases. Certainly a pencil case is a very important object here in South Korea.

Kids at my school, elementary aged, treasure these things like they were a purse or wallet. They hold within them the essential tools they need for school plus a few treasured objects they have collected on the way.

Sometimes the pencil cases have English on them and what is written is often obtuse and benign.

When I walk around the classroom I like to play a little with the students. Sometimes I take one student's pencil case and put it on another student's desk. What ensues is a little squabble over getting the pencil case back. Also I like to riffle through their pencil cases to see what is inside.

Growing up in public school in America I didn't use a pencil case. The utensils I had were just stuffed into my backpack and carried around with me all day. Kids here in Korea instead of carrying a backpack around with them in school they carry their books and a pencil case. A kid without their pencil case is considered a slacker.

Here for you is my youtube tribute to Korean pencil cases. Enjoy~


  1. I always had a cute pencil case in school... it was like my most cherished possession because all my "cute led pencils" I bought at Asian malls were in there. =P

  2. This is awesome! I've been taking pictures of my kid's pencil cases for the past year. These things are amazing. They always freak out when I pick it up and shuffle through it. Even after a year, I'm always super curious to know what they have in there.


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