Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Great Vacation: San Francisco Arrival

Here we are and it is nearly (for me) the year 2011. I figured I would get this post in before 2010 ends. There I was at the BART station waiting for my connecting train to the airport. I got to the airport a little early and waited for JH at the arrivals area. It seemed every minute was slow as heck. As people came out of the door I looked at their luggage tags to figure out which airline they were coming from. JH managed to call the cell phone I was borrowing while he was in the immigration line, so I knew he had gotten there safely.

Thankfully, in the arrivals waiting area there was a monitor showing people going through the gate. So I was able to see him come through the door and was ready.

It was such a special moment greeting him, and it seemed he was trying really hard to not look nervous. From the airport we took the BART to Powell station where we made our way to the hotel. I could tell he was in a wide-eyed mood.

Here was the view from our hotel.

Our hotel was very cozy, spacious and accommodating. They upgraded us to a king size bed for free. After checking in to the hotel we quickly went back out to take a look around. Of course, I have already seen everything in this area, but didn't mind showing him around.

We went by the cable-car waiting area and then on to Union Square.

 That's a real tree folks!

 JH wanted me to take a picture of the flag...
After checking things out we grabbed a bite to eat a Mexican place and then walked up Market street to the Embarcadero center. All the while, JH was admiring the buildings and even street signs. It was fun to get his array of questions about everything.
 He thought this sign for "Pine" meant it was pointing to a pine tree...haha!

Embarcadero center is an area where there are often farmer's markets and festivals. It is home to a new marketplace which is next to a Ferry Plaza. During our visit there was an ice-skating rink.

Here is a view of the clock tower.

We went inside and through the marketplace area and then out towards the dock.

 Below is a shot of the Bay Bridge...
JH wondered where the "Golden Bridge" was and I told him we would see it later on. 
In the meantime we spotted this sign that had several languages on it, including Korean. JH inspected it for errors and found many.
After wards we took a look around...things were starting to get windier. 

Mr. Seagull says, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" And Foreign/er Joy says, "My philosophy for the new year will be just the same as the last." "Do more of what you want to do, and less of what you don't want to do."


  1. V. nice,but still no pics of the happy couple together?!!

  2. Heads up... we did not get many shots together. Sorry

  3. awe! that's so great! i'm glad yal are having fun! i hope you'll have a good happy new year and i hope we can meet up when you get back! by then i'll have a new job and moved AGAIN! LoL!

  4. Wow! Where will you be moving too? I'll be near Nowon when I get back. ^^


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