Thursday, January 13, 2011

Visa Issuance Docs Ready To Go!

I am so excited, because today I got a lovely surprise in the mail. My FBI check returned several days early with its Apostille on it. This means I can go ahead and FedEx my document package off to my school so to get the visa issuance number. After I get that little thing I then can proceed to the Korean consulate and get my visa stamp. Of course this is my third time doing this, but it seems like this round was a bit more complicated.

Here is a list of the documents I am sending to get the visa issuance number for 2011:

·      2 Photos
·      Copy of my Passport ID page
·      Application for Visa
·      Copy of the employment contract
·      Health statement
·      FBI Check with Apostille
·      Apostille copy of my BA degree
·      Apostille copy of my AA degree
·      2 Letters of recommendation
·      TESL/TEFL certificate
·      Resume
·      Certificate of Employment from previous employer

I think a few of those things might be in excess, but I definitely feel it is better to send more for safety sake.
Below is a scan of the Apostille paper that is attached to the FBI check. You will note the difference between this one and an Apostille from your State is that this one isn't that flashy.
Once again I hope all of this comes in handy for those getting a new visa within this new year. 
Let's recap. 
  • FBI received documents on 10/18/2010. Documents were completed and returned on 12/23/2010. About 9 weeks.
  • Time for FBI doc to come back with Apostille from the Secretary of State in Washington DC. About 1.5 weeks. 
  • Total time to complete FBI Background check with Apostille = 10 - 11 weeks. 

I'm so happy!



  1. Thanks for your post. My mom is ready to mail my FBI report for the apostille, but I'm worried about the timing of that. Good to see yours was about 1.5 weeks. I wanted to ask if you just did regular mail or if you used any special mailing procedures to speed things up? I'm concerned about what they said about some "irradiatoin" process slowing mail down by several weeks. No idea what that's about.

  2. I believe I sent it out a little bit faster than normal. I was in California and DC is on the other side.

    Once at their office it shouldn't take longer than 1.5 weeks..then it depends on the return mailing.


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