Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project: Documenting my art

Things are warming up here, which means it is in the low 60's. I am really happy to be here for winter instead of in freezing Korea. But of course I do miss my Korean life, and JH now that he has gone back.

To keep myself occupied I have set aside some projects. This includes photographing my artwork from college and beyond. Yesterday I took advantage of the sunlight and took my artwork outside for shooting. Then after that was done I uploaded the files and brushed them off in Photoshop. The following are a sample of the works I documented.

I'll start with my most recent work. You  might recognize these as I was working on them in Korea. 

Unfortunately, I left all my other current work in Korea and so can't document it till I get back. But let's move backwards in time to works I did while fresh out of college.

The following works were inspired by youtube. One person liked to put up videos of herself playing with her belly fat. I found the videos inspirational because of the lighting and subject matter. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find her videos again.

I'm still inspired by those works, and would like to continue that series. Maybe find more belly videos.
The next pieces of work come from my last year of college. These might look more sentimental as I mostly focused on flowers, due to that it seemed to help me cope with an illness I came down with.

The next two are from the same period.

And then moving way backwards we come into art that I made while I was in community college. You'll see works from my first figure drawing class and also stuff from my "color & design" course. 

If you think that is too much, well I still haven't documented works from my four year college. 

Found anything you'd like as a postcard or card? You can buy prints of my work here at Redbubble. :)


  1. Wow, Joy! You're incredibly talented. Thanks for sharing your artwork.

  2. set aside = (means) put away on the side; no involvement with.
    Your project photographing your BEAUTIFUL artwork is completely the opposite of set aside!


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