Friday, January 7, 2011

The Great Vacation: Cable Car

For the last full day in the San Francisco area I planned that we would go over to Berkeley and see the campus. But I knew JH needed to do some jean shopping and San Fran had a major Levi's store. So we ended up shopping and then heading to get in line for the cable car.

I guess no trip to San Francisco is complete unless you ride the infamous rolling cable car. These beauties are unique to San Francisco and do make for a fun ride as they go up and down the hills of the city.
...using rail cars that are hauled by a continuously moving cable running at a constant speed. Individual cars stop and start by releasing and gripping this cable as required.
But this attraction is definitely a tourist trap and we fell right into it on that day. We ended up waiting nearly two hours in line, just to get on one of them and find out our driver was a bit of a jerk. The line waiting was amusing, as many cable cars would pass by us and local panhandlers brought the entertainment.

 JH...the very patient tourist.

Once on it you enjoy a ride that takes you past several different neighborhoods. We took the line that rolled by Lombard street (that crooked one) although we couldn't see anything because cars were in the way.

 However, it offered other great views of downtown and reminded me of how small San Francisco actually is. Before moving to Korea I use to work at an office near the TransAm building (the Pyramid one).

We ended up at "The Cannery", which was a pier area further down from Fisherman's Wharf. It had a dock where you could walk out and take a look at some ships.

It was a good spot as it allowed JH to finally discover the "Golden Bridge". 

It seemed like we spent all day waiting in line for the cable car, but the reward at the end of the line was pretty nice.

 We caught a glimpse of Alcatraz Island.

We headed out of the area and hopped on a local bus that took us into North Beach (the Italian side of town). There we relaxed and had a scrumptious dinner over some wine and beer.

After a little dessert of frozen yogurt we headed back to the hotel. The bus ride took us through Chinatown, which looked like it was packing up for the day. I believe JH really loved his visit to San Francisco and the sites I took him to see. Trust me, there was a whole lot more I could have shown him and that we could have experienced. But I think, because of my background in the city, he was able to enjoy himself a lot.

The next day we left San Fran and headed to my dad's home, so stay tuned for that.


  1. Fantastic pictures of San Francisco! I'm going to miss all the amazing SF restaurants when I'm in Korea.

  2. There is still a good amount in Seoul and areas...but yea nothing quite like it in Korea.

  3. Oh my! That food looks so delicious :)


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