Monday, January 24, 2011

Jukjeon at Night

Back before winter hit and I moved out of the Suji / Jukjeon area I found myself getting dinner with a friend. Before we met up I took a few pics, here they are.

That's the moon up there...
Am I missing Korea? Yes, definitely. My social life is back there along with many art events I want to go to. I'll be back in just about thirty days, so not too long.


  1. Really like your blog.Its fun to read. The pictures you are sharing here is almost where i live, jukjeon, Its a beautiful place i think. I am also a blogger, but my blogs are mostly about how this city inspires my in my design work, as i am a product designer from india. Would love to follow your blog. Do visit mine when time permits, im a newbie in this field though:)

  2. Hi! How long were you in Jukjeon? I am not finding a lot of information on the area and have just gotten a job offer for there.

    If you don't mind answering some questions, please email me at

    many thanks!


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