Monday, January 31, 2011

First GH2 video: Sand Mandala Dissolution

My first composed video from using the Lumix GH2. Made with the Vario 14 - 144mm lens and using Cinema mode. Edited using iMovie, although I hope to get into Final Cut Pro someday.

Tibetan monks visited our small town for their 11th year, making a sand mandala and then sweeping it up. Although I could have seen this numerous times in the past when I use to live here, this was my first time. Just shooting and editing this video makes me can't wait to get back to Korea and get out there with my camera.
All right enough gushing on about my new toy.


  1. was better than video so far.
    Get & use tripod! And...learn how to stabilize camera hand held also.
    Panning (as in this video) is a sure sign of novice work. Be careful w/panning.....practice....
    zooming too.....practice!
    Watch some more short professional video documentary/magazine type segments....
    Practice more b4 heading back to Korea!
    I'm so happy you're getting into videography!

  2. Nice job for still being new.
    Echoing the previous commenter, watch other videographers and emulate. The tripod makes movement a lot harder, so it's best to scout your location ahead of time.



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