Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Playstreet: Google Street Alternative

While I was working on research for an art project I came upon this site that allows you to see imagery of Korean streets. It works sort of like how Google Street View works, but a little bit more kooky.

Playstreet allows you to look at several hot-spots in Seoul, including Jongno-3 and around Gangnam.
The area on the bottom is of course your map view and the blue lines indicate streets that have been photographed. You use the top panel to scroll down the street left to right.

To get to a different part of Seoul click on the upper link 지역이름

 It's quite fun, except doesn't feature enough people in my opinion. When you do get the occasional pedestrian their head is blurred out, but perhaps this adds a surreal affect in the long run.

You can tell the creators mushed together photos in a landscape mode, due to that cars sometimes get chopped off and buildings appear hacked up.
 If you think this site will come in handy for you than great. I found it a good tool to show my family just what Korea really looks like. Mostly gray square buildings with millions of signs on them. My dad concluded that they probably built that way since buildings with just 3 or 4 floors don't require much steel. I suppose I should have showed him the streets of Gangnam. ;)

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