Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Vacation: Old Sac

For New Year's Eve I took JH to Old Town Sacramento. Above is an area nearby the Old Town, you can see in the second picture the new addition to the Crocker Art Museum.

Old Town Sac looks like the set of an old western movie, indeed JH made this same remark when we were there. Approaching the old town you go past the American river and the Tower Bridge.

We arrived kind of early for the New Year's eve festivities, but enjoyed walking around admiring the architecture and checking out the neat shops.

There were a few candy-barrel stores that specialized in salt-water taffy, and I think JH got a kick out of it. Before buying you could pick up a piece and sample it. He took home a bag for his family and I got one too.

Old Town is famous for their toy stores, especially one called Evengeline's where you can get funny party items.

While walking around JH admired the street performers and even gave one musician a tip.

Before dinner, evening came and it turned out that there was a light show in the tune of Christmas songs. 

For dinner we tried our luck at a New Orleans inspired restaurant. I knew it would be great to let JH try a taste of Southern Creole food. So he had the jambalaya and I had the gumbo. Turns out he really loved it.

We contemplated staying the whole time till it was midnight and the fireworks went off, but we decided to head home anyways. 


  1. Looks like you guys had fun in Old Sac! The Crocker sure looks different! I loved wandering 'round Evangeline's! No caramel nut apples tho?! That shop still there, the candy apple & fudge shop on the street facing the river?

  2. I believe that shop was still there. ;)

    I think mom you will have to just do with a regular apple on a stick...sorry


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