Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Great Vacation: Heading Northeast

We headed out of the city on a foggy and soggy day, while crossing over the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Before we continued on the freeway we stopped at a vista point to get a good look of the bridge and the bay.

 The result of JH's encouragement:

As we headed out of this area JH caught site of this double-decker bus. Many of the pictures you will see in this post come from his camera. As we moved Northeast he was curious about many things.

As we got further to my family's neck of the woods, we stopped at a Korean grocery store to pick up a few things like kimchi and noodles.
 It was an interesting grocery store as parts of it were Asian products and the other half were Russian. A little further up the highway and we stopped at one of my family's favorite burger joints, called Ikeda's. Actually, this place is a burger and health-food grocery store in one. In addition, it makes for a popular pit stop for those heading up to the snow resorts near Tahoe.
I had a cheeseburger and JH had a chicken burger.

We got to my dad's home and settled in. JH went around the house and took pictures of several things he found interesting. Like some origami ornaments and our spice-rack.

From here my posts will contain our adventures around my hometown. I was worried he would find himself bored out here since it isn't as exciting as San Francisco. But it turns out he wanted to see "real" America and enjoyed seeing what small-town life is like.


  1. Looks like they're building a bottom level roadway for the GGBridge....??

  2. That's one big chicken burger!! Isn't it interesting, the size difference in the servings? Do you find that they are much larger back home?


  3. Yea sizes of food is bigger back here, as always. But he ate it all..haha! I usually don't finish what I my mom could attest to. haha

  4. what about that construction on the bridge?
    I couldn't really find any info on that???

  5. Mom...I don't think it is on the bridge itself but under the bridge on roads down there.


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