Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Great Vacation: Science Museum

It was a bright and sunny day after our adventure down to the wharf, which was great since I had some outdoor plans. First, we stopped off at our favorite breakfast cafe that we went to the day before and fueled up on some good grub.

Leaving the hotel...

 They had really great fresh orange juice.
 I had the toast and eggs breakfast with sliced tomatoes.
After breakfast we headed to the underground Muni to catch a train over to Golden Gate Park. Below is a shot of the exterior of our hotel.

The Golden Gate park is near the Sunset district, which is slightly close to where I use to live in the city. It is an area of San Francisco that is more residential than downtown and has many good restaurants.

We made our way into the park and JH soon was taken away by the vast park space and greenery.

Our destination was the new Academy of Sciences Museum, which is located across from the De Young museum.

JH found the architecture and setting really amazing and wonderful.

That day was a busy day at the Science museum and thankfully I prepaid our tickets online, otherwise we would have really overpaid. This was my first time going to this museum and it really was a treat. It is set up where there are two main spheres, one is a tropical rain-forest and the other is a planetarium.

We looked around the rain-forest sphere then joined other people in line for entry.

Waiting in line~

Once inside you immediately feel the warmth and moisture of the place. Plus everything is lit up by the dome's glass structure. You make your way up a spiral ramp going from different rain-forest areas, admiring varieties of plant-life and animals.

Looking down you could see a water area with very large fish swimming around.

 Little poison-dart frogs...

Every step of the way you look around and would see something fluttering or moving about. JH was having a good time and so was I.

The higher you went up the more humid it became, thankfully the system was that at the very top there was an elevator that took you to the bottom. There was a large aquarium and cool air waiting for you there.

Remember that pond with the fish in it? Well we got to walk under it. 

After going through this tunnel you come out to the aquarium section. At this point we just wondered around and took quick looks at everything.

We made our way out of the aquarium and headed to an alligator exhibit. JH found this white alligator and really liked it. Poor guy saw a large pillow sized plush toy of it in the gift shop, but we both couldn't figure out how to get it home.

After ward, we tried to go to the Planetarium but realized we didn't get our tickets in time. The next available one was three hours away so we decided to just see what else there was in the museum. This included a pendulum and the "Living Roof."

Here it is Mom! A couple shot...

We headed out of the museum and on our way to the next location...but all that is going to have to wait till another post. Need to go spend time with guy before he leaves!

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  1. yeah....finally! The couple foto!
    Your camera is taking some really beautiful detailed amazing clarity shots! Or is it Jae's camera?


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