Friday, January 14, 2011

If at first you don't succeed...

As part of my long stay here in America I knew I wouldn't have much to do. But I figured since there is a gym within walking distance I would take up a membership and try my luck at exercising. Last winter, spent in Korea, I didn't do much exercising or getting out of the house for that matter. Mostly due to the snow and cold temperatures. This led to my body changing sizes. Yet, I also blame turning nearly 30, but whatever.

The point is I need to exercise, if not to lose weight, but to be in shape. Teaching requires energy and pep, so getting together an exercise routine would be beneficial.

Since coming back I have been working up my exercise routine so that I can start in on heavier things. For example, I have been attending the "Gentle Yoga" class about once a week. Don't let the name fool you, afterward I felt sore nearly everywhere. I would match that up with a routine on the equipment, doing running and cycling. My issue is that left to my own mind I do not push myself on the equipment, and I get very bored. So I am trying to attend classes where someone is there telling you what to do.

Today I tried the "BodyStep" class and I immediately found out what a beginner I am. I did a step-like exercise back in college when I attended a workout class, but it incorporated many different exercises. Mostly everyone in today's class was familiar with it and knew what to do. I was doing okay the first 10 minutes but then people started to twirl, kick and walk around, before I knew it I was lost. Combined with my heart pumping and my mind spinning, I just didn't feel like continuing. Trust me I felt really embarrassed when I picked up my platform and walked out. Other members tried to encourage me to stay and that it took a while to figure out, but my mind was made up.

I mentioned it to the front desk people as I exchanged my locker key. They told me it was one of their harder classes and it takes a while to pick up. Their suggestion was to come back and just do what I can till I get it down.

I think I will go back next week and give it another try. It certainly got my heart going and I could tell if I kept it up I would have gotten a great cardio workout.

*I would like to know if any of my other readers have faced similar challenges when working out.*


  1. ...that's how I felt when I started doing Bickram Yoga (v. hot room & specific series of poses)years ago...there were all these 70 & 80 yr old woman easily doing these difficult postures that I thought I'd die doing for real..but I kept coming back & in due time there I was contorted like the old ladies!

    Now....I need to start more exerise than just my 3 walks per day w/Charlie & I've had all sorts of excuses that are getting me no where but heavier!! Albeit I've been experiencing more shortness of breath even doing that... Yoga in the house even wouldn't do any harm...but I need a soft rug or mat on these cold ceramic tile floors!

  2. Thanks Mom ~ By golly go get a cheap mat or something. :) Hope you pick up some more exercise

  3. I think I'll do that really soon!

  4. Every time someone talks about exercise, especially if they get bored easily I have to mention BodyRock.Tv
    I discovered the site while in Korea because there weren't any gyms that were reasonable or nearby.
    The workouts are short and intense and can be done without any equipment at all.


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