Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chicken Parmesan and the Berkeley Marina

I thought I would relieve you guys of seeing "The Great Vacation" in the title this time, although this post is on the same subject. Basically we are at the end of JH's visit, where we mostly just made our way to the airport. Along the way JH tried some good food and saw a site that left lasting memories.

Our last night in Nevada County was spent having an Italian dinner at a new restaurant. I think JH was starting to feel stressed out from knowing he had to go back to work. Poor guy.

It was here that he discovered his new found love for chicken Parmesan. I plan on making it for him when I return to Korea.

The next morning-afternoon, we had brunch at a diner before our drive out to the Bay Area.
 The place had the American nostalgic feel to it.
 JH got his usual hamburger and I got a waffle plate.
Yum! On our way to the Bay Area I let JH drive a good portion of it. When we pulled over to switch seats he couldn't help but get out and explore. We were in the area between Davis and the coastal mountains, where it is mostly farm country.

On our way to the hotel, I knew we were going to be a bit early so I took JH to the Berkeley Marina. Turns out he really loved the place and was truly amazed at the scenery and relaxed nature of Americans. 

I'll have to check but I am pretty sure this was his favorite part of the whole trip. Actually, it was kind of funny because he was very fascinated with the squirrels at the park. It was as if he had never seen one before and was very amused with how friendly they were. 

As we walked back to the car, very slowly, I knew he wanted to see more of everything in America, but his time was so limited. We promised each other to come back and that I would show him the Eastern side of the States. 

We crossed the Bay Bridge, which now has a toll of $6.00!

We checked into our hotel, which was near the airport and then took a look at the local downtown area where there was the Korean restaurant,"Mom's Tofu House".

 JH had that New Year's dumpling soup, while I had galbi.

It was our last night together in the States and I hope not forever. He's back in Korea doing his thing, but we miss each other a lot. I'm still here, as you know, in my family's area doing my little projects and enjoying life without work. Except, I do miss the kids...haha.


  1. I think I stayed at that same hotel near the airport when I left CA for FL back in '04! The place looks v. familiar, can't recall the name...but the heat didn't work in the room & it was freezing & I was v. worried about OJ being too cold!

  2. Oh really :) It was the "Comfort Inn"


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