Monday, September 7, 2009

Hehe I won

hehehe I won the Blog Korea! Contest. Although I am in the 100 blogger list and got an mp3 player.

How cool is that?

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and even thanks to those who slap a sense of reality into me.

Anyways sorry if I went off on a tangent on that last post. Don't worry my medical condition is doing well right now and I am able to find care here in Korea and get my medicine here.

All right then!


  1. Ha! Congrats! I did, too, but how? What's this about?

  2. I think we won based upon our popularity and stuff. Oh well we could win again and get a free trip around Korea.

  3. It's because we rock - simple as that. Actually I was surprised at how many people I've NEVER heard of... Either they're always blogging about K-pop or clothes, or simply not on my radar (yet). If you google a few of the more distinctive email addresses you can get a hint as to your competition.

    I'd have been a little embarrassed if I HADN'T won something - there were 103 registered blogs and 100 prizes... You do the math :) Congrats!

  4. Ah haha oh hmmm ....they should hold a party for us.

  5. Congrats on winning and I'm glad your health is doing well!

  6. I wonder who the three who didn't win anything are . . .

  7. Wondering that too...who the 3 are..hope they aren't bitter


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