Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Conversation

Leaving the open class today (this is where I visit another school and observe) I related to my teacher:

Me: I just feel like I don't have as much creative ideas for the normal classes as the other teachers.
Coteacher: I know, you had to spend all your time on the special class, it was so heavy for you.
Me: You're right.
Coteacher: That is why I wish for the special class to be canceled next year.

Me: Did you know the Principal asked me to stay?
Coteacher: Yes and when I found out I was so upset.
Me: Oh yes, I was surprised. You know I said 'No' right?
Coteacher: Yes...

Then I went into talking about how I told him I couldn't continue taking the job because I know our relationship has some problems. As I talked her expression changed and so I tried to wrap my words around that I just felt like saying "no" was the right thing.

Coteacher: I was so shocked he went behind my back and asked you.
Me: Yes, I think he was dumb to not include you. If he included you I might have said yes, because we could have talked about our differences.

We got in the car and she related more to me how she can't believe his character to do something like that. But I told her how I wasn't surprised because he does stuff like that all the time. Then we went back to the topic of the special class causing me to lose focus on the normal classes. And I related how I don't know what the new teacher will do.

She told me that today they finally picked a new teacher, some British guy.

But she also told me about how the Gunpo city runs their English departments and because they cause so much paperwork she doesn't want to teach English anymore.

It is true, at my school they have made her do a lot of paperwork for our English program. There is no administrative team to do it so she does it all. Even if I had time to plan for the normal classes we wouldn't have had time to plan it together. She is always busy with paperwork.

So basically you have a situation at the school that made it hard for both of us.

Reflecting on this I now understand why it was difficult in the beginning. Both of us were in situations that were difficult to manage.

I teach the special after school class three times a week. If you walk into a classroom full of 20 kids without a plan you will get chaos. So I spent a lot of time planning everything, besides they asked for a yearly plan anyways.

On the other hand, my coteacher was always given paperwork to do. In addition it was her duty to take over a position in the administration office when the Vice Principal goes out. So she was always busy down there too.

In some regards I feel I could have stayed at this school now that I have gone through all this crap and understand it all. But alas it is too late and they have a new teacher. Plus I really feel my relationship with my coteacher is broken beyond repair. Funny thing is that come next February she might have moved on anyways and I would have had a new coteacher.

But still the Principal asked me to keep the job behind her back and of course she would have known about it. So how was I to say yes and have her know?

Anyways, in a few months all of this drama will be peanuts.

I guess I can just try to have more fun at this school and go out on a good note.

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