Thursday, September 3, 2009

Simple Weekend

Last weekend JH and I just did simple stuff, so on Saturday we went to Insadong and Samcheondong for some good eating and artsy viewing.

There is one particular place we like eating at and so went there again. I love their dol sot bulgolgi.

JH mixes the rice with the bulgolgi.

While we were in Insadong we saw what we assumed was a Japanese tourist, based upon her outfit. I only managed to get a back shot.

Then we went up into Samcheondong and I took JH to what is now my favorite cafe there. It is quiet and oh so artsy. We played travel scrabble and I have to say that he is pretty good, but I won in the end.

Later on Sunday I helped him study English at a cafe where we had a waffle for a treat.

Job Hunt Update: That recruiter was merely just telling me his game plan for helping me. I have an offer in Paju but I told him it is not my number one choice. So he told me to go ahead and have an interview with them but tell them to wait. In the meantime more positions will come in. I may get a position in Seoul as an after school teacher. But again, I am not signing anything unless I see the house and it agrees with me.


  1. I would think you might enjoy Paju, since there's quite an arts community out there . . .

  2. ah! i was in insadong on sunday! i remember that little shop that the girl is standing next to! haha! so cool!! i unfortunately forgot my camera for that trip... hopefully next time i'll remember it!

  3. Ooo really? tell me more... ah but it is a long train ride into Seoul hmmm


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