Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mass Freeze in COEX

Facebook is living up to its name of being a social networking guru. Because of it I got word of a Mass Freeze happening at COEX.

I remember a few years ago seeing these videos on youtube of participants freezing in place in New York City. The idea caught on out here and someone managed to organize Seoul's first "freeze."

I went to this event but didn't plan on "freezing" myself and instead documented it with my camera.

I have to say that this envisions my idea of a "community engagement" with Korean society. Anyways, check out my video montage I made of Seoul's first ever frozen event.

For more information check out Kimchi-Icecream's compilation.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link. I can't believe how short five minutes felt for taking pics--whereas the people doing the freeze kept saying they couldn't believe how long five minutes felt holding their poses, lol.

    I really want to see something like this done again but outside in front of Gyeongbuk palace in the massive yard in front of the main entrance to the palace, or the new fountains along the road that runs up to the palace.

    Another cool place would be along Cheonggye stream at night! How cool would THAT be?!


  2. Hey Foreigner Joy! I really wish I had done the freeze, it just didn't fit into my schedule last weekend.

    Thanks for putting together the video, I really enjoyed it.

    Hope all is well, don't be shy if you feel like catching a coffee with a fellow blogger sometime.


  3. Hello Shanna,
    I would love to catch coffee sometime,...for me it would have to be tea though..the coffee doesn't settle well.

    Anyways! do you have facebook...?


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