Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pregnant Teacher = Undesirable

Interesting side story here going on with my school having to find a new teacher. Apparently they picked one right away when they decided to not rehire me.

But now it turns out there was a problem.
The candidate is pregnant, and single.

The principal didn't like that one bit and now my coteacher is back to square one having to pick a new teacher.

I don't know about you but I think that is a little prejudice. Although I can understand that they don't have to take a pregnant teacher if they don't want to. But sounds like they decided it because she is not with the father. In our contracts it says we get maternity leave after the baby is born.

Also, I am wondering about this woman. If she is willing to come out here and raise a baby in Korea then maybe she is in some kind of desperate situation and really needs a job. Unfortunately, I don't have contact with her so I cant give her my help. I wonder if she will find another job and come out here. hmmm

Update* Thanks to Chris's hat tip this may be connected to a post on Dave's ESL.

"Peggy" if you are out there and if it was my school that you applied to please contact me. I can give an explanation as to why they didn't take you in. My school's Principal is a hard ass and very conservative. When the ex-president jumped off that cliff last Spring he didn't shed a tear and laughed at my coteacher for being teary eyed.

I actually feel you have the right to come here and raise your kid. I don't think you need to cover it up. I think if you are honest and bold right away some recruiter out there should be willing to work with you. To my readers I know this must sound crazy and that the whole concept of coming out here while pregnant is irresponsible. But I feel anyone has the right to come out here and try to make a living. However, I can contradict myself and say that it does take advantage of the system out here and could impart harm onto future teachers. So it makes for a great debate.

Anyways, Peggy if you are out there I wish you find an intelligent and responsible answer to your dilemma.


  1. This wouldn't be the same pregnant woman Brian talked about from Dave's ESL Cafe?

    Being single and pregnant - especially in a country where premarital sex is still something done on the downlow - is usually seen as a black mark of sorts. To them it says something about your morals or somesuch. For better or worse, it's one area where Korea is much like some conservative parts of the US.

    If you decide to become pregnant (and yes, it's a decision unless done out of ignorance) and have the kid, making a cross-the-world trip isn't desperate - it's incredibly stupid. Unless you're coming from a war zone in Afghanistan, trying to pack up life and make it work *on your own* is downright stupid and almost impossible.

  2. You know, I think this might be the teacher we've been talking about over on Brian's blog:

  3. Unfortunately she's unlikely to find a job in Korea, as single motherhood is considered extremely amoral, and most schools won't want someone like that.

    Personally, I think it's kind of sleazy for her to come and expect a school to give her a job when she knows that she will be unable to finish her contract. If you're already in Korea and you get pregnant, that's one thing, but to expect someone to give you a job when they know you will only be able to fulfill 3/4 of it at *best*, is pretty presumptuous.

  4. Here is the link.

    Joy, I must admit I read your blog only occasionally, so can you tell me (either in a response to this or a private email) the links to your situation where they decided not to rehire you?

    Good luck to you.

  5. It's been debated quite a bit on my site:

    However, in that case, the teacher was contemplating not telling the new boss she was pregnant, which was not only irresonsible, but incredibly stupid.

    With few exceptions, most people agree with me that she's in the wrong. What is wrong with a school not wanting to hire a pregnant woman with the father potentially out of the picture? Now, I know back home we've been told we have to accept these types of arrangements, but really I'm not even talking about the moral aspect.

    Why would a school willingly hire someone who can only teach for a few months? And if in fact she was planning to hide it, I'd support the school 100% if they wanted to fire her.

    Furthermore, what kind of "mother" would do that to her child? I can only assume she was staying in Korea b/c of the health care.

    And, hell, let's bring up the moral argument. So a school doesn't want to hire a single pregnant woman. Why should it have to bend over backwards to accomodate a person who will just raise eyebrows? Yeah, yeah, I get that in the west we are mandated to accept it, but you'll notice this isn't the west.

    I don't know if your story and mine are related, but I support a school that chose not to hire the woman in "my" story. Pregnant women---or any other group for that matter---ought not be guaranteed anything . . . in "my" story she was planning to switch jobs but it wasn't official. If a school turned around and chose to go in a different direction, sorry to say but them's the breaks.

  6. Doesn't sound wise to me.... a single Mom really needs a support system (family, friends, etc...). So it makes one wonder about this woman, wanting to go 1/2 way 'round the world alone. Maybe she has friends & family in S.Korea that "we" don't know about.
    I respect the school's decision actually....they want stability for the students & that's a good thing.
    Maybe they should rehire the teacher there now & help her be a better teacher & co.worker!
    Would the present teacher rehire there w/a better housing situation?
    Has she approached the administration about that?!
    Yeah....that's you Joyous!

  7. for the reasons to my not being rehired...look for "Reasons" in my backlog.

  8. My school just opted not to hire a Korean teacher because she's been married a couple of years and really WANTS to be pregnant. Even the possibility of this woman getting pregnant and having to eventually quit made her undesirable to my bosses.

  9. yeah...yeah..would you want to stay if they offered the job & A BETTER APT.???


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