Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eastern Adventures

Last Friday I left work and took the train up to Seoul. There I met JH for dinner and a little visit with his old school pals. It was fun to sit at a table with all male Koreans while they tried hard to talk to me in English. Mostly they just made jokes, but it was very warming to have this experience. Also it was great to get to know some of JH's friends.

After socializing we headed out towards where Ocean World is because the next day JH needed to visit a work site there for his job. JH works for a ceramic tile company and usually makes trips out to new development sites where the tiles are being delivered. Even though it was cool and rainy when we got there I could see some people having fun inside Ocean World (which is a water park).

Behind the trees you can see the new condos the resort is building. 
 JH finished within an hour and since we were half way to the East Sea we decided to head out that way.

We arrived in Gangneung and went to the Sun Cruise ship, which is literally a life-size cruise ship plunked on top of a sea-cliff. Inside it caters to weddings and events, there is a restaurant and souvenir shop. JH told me a little about the history that it was made from real ship parts. And along the outside of the ship there are sculptures.

Inside the "moat" there were wishing bowls that granted different types of wishes. Some for more wealth and others for a fruitful life.

We went inside and made our way to the restaurant. The interior was beautiful and the view immaculate. One's hope for a great menu were high, but it seemed the menu was atypical of a Korean fusion restaurant. 

I ordered the grilled salmon steak, which came out to be all right. The vegetables were obviously heated up from being frozen and I had a feeling the salmon wasn't fresh too. But hey one can't pass up enjoying a nice meal by the sea with your sweetheart.

We finished lunch and went to the souvenir shop and then a walk around the deck. Afterwards we found ourselves in a small cafe and had a piece of cake. 

The weather was starting to turn on us so we figured it was a good time to leave the ship and try to get to the beach before it rained. On the way we went through a few of the sculpture parks.

Here you can pretend to make yourself into a stamp. I felt a little shy because for one people already stare at me because I am a foreigner and two they were going to stare at me for being inside the stamp sculpture.

But I had more fun at another sculpture park where there were over sized hands and circles. 

From the sculpture park you could look out on the Sea and also see some Korean Army guys on their post. JH told me they are looking out for North Korean submarines. It felt a little creepy and odd to be standing near cheerful sculptures while on the other side there were soldiers with guns pointed eastward.
We headed away from the ship and went to a beach nearby. But the weather beat us and soon enough it was pouring rain so we headed home.

On the way home we passed a museum warship. JH told me that it was a North Korean ship that they captured and thus turned into a museum. We wanted to stop and take a look but I was already feeling the car trip haze.

It was a fun getaway and reminded me that there is still so much to see in this tiny country.

Job Hunt Update: So since last week a few things have happened. The job for Paju dissipated as the recruiter never heard a response back from them, which was fine by me since I am shooting for the Bundang area anyways. Speaking of which I currently have two offers for Yongin and all in the same neighborhood. So we will see which one pulls through. As for Guro in Seoul I didn't go to the interview because I figured it would have been a waste of time and traveling, since I wasn't going to really say yes. So I called the recruiter to let them know ahead of time. With these offers for Yongin I am hopeful and would like to see what kind of housing they would give me. Well we will just have to see!


  1. oh my... ><
    Who's the ugly guy middle of pictuer?? I think it is not me..

  2. atypical = different/other than usual

    SO...was the menu at the restaurant the usual fusion type or something different?
    That sentence didn't make sense...but the food & view looked v. lovely!


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