Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Your Green Card will Expire

I got a lovely little letter in the mail today telling me when my visa will expire and to get out of the country when it does.

This caused me to panic a little, even though I know it's what will happen.

So to make sure I don't end up violating visa regulations I researched what to do if you don't want to leave the day your visa goes "poof".

I found out that you can get an extension for 30 days on your visa. All you need to do is register for it early enough and provide proof of a plane ticket out of the country.

It states specifically that this is for staying in Korea for travel and pleasure after your original business is finished. That sounds exactly like what I want to do.

Of course this is for the scenario if I have no job lined up for November and need to wing it on a tourist visa. In which case, I would first get the extension, move my stuff and settle into a temporary housing situation, and then go to Japan to return on a tourist visa while I search for a new job. FUN!

Since as of right now I don't have anything lined up for November I am itching to buy a refundable ticket to Japan and get this extension just to be safe. Thankfully tickets are cheap because apparently November in Japan is not high tourist season, although it is a great time to see the leaves change color over there.

Well I am hoping one of those Yongin positions will pull through, but nowadays I am waiting it out.


  1. Great information! I knew it was possible but didn't know where the page was. Hat tip :)

  2. By "Green Card" you don't mean an F-5 visa, right?

  3. Well, it doesn't sound like it, based on the information you gave, but they do occasionally change rules for some of the visas, which is why I asked ("green card" makes me think of the permanent residency-granting F-5 visa, not the E-series or even the F-2 or F-4).

    And I read your blog occasionally, but not enough to know whether you are married to a ROK national such that you may have actually gotten an F-5 during your stay, and I wouldn't want to presume anything about which visa.

  4. Hi,
    I have an E2 but thanks for giving out some info on different types of visa. Certainly the varying rules can be mind boggling.

  5. Even the immigration folks themselves have trouble keeping up with the changes. :P


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