Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just a Short One

A short message here to say that I am still thinking about my podcast. I want to interview an expat and I had someone lined up but they declined the interview. It just wasn't their cup of tea. ;)

Time is of course going by and everyday I feel I am getting closer to my next job. I am starting to get a little too engulfed in thinking about what my next house will be like. Since I am pushing for a good one I keep imagining things like space and a big window that looks out onto some mountains or a city.

But it seems there are some pains to this leaving a school process, and that is the kids. Just today my little 4th graders were hurrying home and waved goodbye to me. I could feel my heart ripping apart that in a month and a half they will have a new teacher to start over with. But they are kids and their minds will grow and forget about me.

The sun is hiding quicker behind the skyline as the days ease into Fall. I am trying to figure out when I should take out my long sleeve shirts but I figured I will do it when the days stay cooler than 75 degrees F.

All this community building stuff has me nervous. I feel like I am the only "woman voice" in the group and also the one that doesn't really think along party lines. I tend to become idealist and creative when working in a group. Well it is fun to be a part of something even if it is run by mostly guys. Something in me wants to start a Woman's group here in Korea but it just sounds too cliche.

Well that's the news from this side of the globe...till next time.


  1. Hey, I feel the same way at times. I women's blogger group would be cool. Are they any out there?

  2. [NOTE: EDITED FOR AWKWARD WORDING - sorry about first post]

    @Jackie: Yes, they're out there. Most female bloggers I've read offer stories about their own lives, and don't always or necessarily write to their audience / readers. That's not a bad thing, just a difference.

    A few female bloggers on my bloglist include this blog and more: (hasn't posted in awhile) (husband and wife team) (hasn't posted since June)

    Bear in mind these are just the ones that either explicitly state or show the fact that they're female.

    @Joy: the women's blogging group sounds like a great idea. Bear in mind the people working to create a new community are all idealist people too - if they were all cynical / pessimistic they'd probably be loners or people not worth hanging out with, let alone good people to build a community.

    CAPTCHA: predited - as in I should've predited the comment before clicking submit!

  3. Ah yes Chris true. Thanks for the links.

  4. There are other 'Women's; groups out there. The are certain women's organisations like Expat Wives, Australia/ NZ women's association, etc.

    Also, women on Dave's used to organise get-togethers.

    It wouldnt be hard to organise a women's blogging group, I think. I'd be more interested in that. I find women's writing about Korea more interesting.


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