Sunday, September 20, 2009


The hospital I frequent to renew my prescription for my Crohn's disease has for the past 5 months not really impressed me with their care. I come in and sit down, the doctor says something to my boyfriend in Korean and they have a conversation, but not much questioning goes on about my health. Instead, the Doc just renews my prescription and sends me on my way.

That is why we decided it was time to find a new Doc and one that spoke English. So JH did a lot of research to find out which hospital can help a foreigner out and in my specialty department. He found Yonsei Severance Hospital which is located near Yonsei University and the Ewha area.

Meeting a new Doctor meant I had to bring along my documents and be prepared to retell the story of my illness. When we arrived at Yonsei hospital the building was huge (sorry no pics). Indeed, walking inside through the check in area felt like I was walking through an airport. But I have to say this was one well planned hospital. My comparison of hospitals comes from the free health care received due to being a poor student when I was sick. Let's just say that San Francisco General Hospital looks like a hell-hole compared to Yonsei. For there weren't any vagrants or screaming crack addicts to be found. I saw a few sleeping business men, but they looked harmless.

At Yonsei they have a special section just for foreigners. A whole other office where the staff speak English. I went there first to check in for my appointment. I was met by an intern who took me to the GI department, where I waited just 30 minutes before seeing the specialist doctor.

The visit went great and his English was all right. I will be returning there next month for a routine blood test and doctor-patient consultation.

The whole thing cost 12,500 Won because they give a discount to patients with my disease. The cost of this visit is what amazes me. In America just to consult with the Doc would have cost $300, even though it was paid by the city of San Francisco.

After our time in the hospital we contemplated going to COEX for KIAF. But I was feeling a bit too tired to see art and just wanted to kick it around Ewha. So we parked at the Ewha University parking garage and took a stroll around Ewha.

The campus...

I spotted this sign and wondered if in this building someone was selling Ikea furniture products.
Ewha is a great area to buy some fashionable goods. I wanted to buy these socks but JH insisted they are meant for children.

Some flats~

We agreed on lunch at Quiznos. I couldn't pass up having a sandwich for lunch.

After lunch we browsed around some more. An Ahjumma went past us carrying somebody's lunch on her head. She did it as if it were her 1,000th time.

We went into a gift and stationary store.

While we were in the store we spotted a coupon to the show Gamarjobat. I had heard about these guys through the K-blogging interwebs and knew they would be a smash hit. (Ha ~ I just said "smash hit.") "Gamarjobat" means hello in Georgian, in case you didn't know. source
These guys were great and their performance was lovable and whimsical. They take their inspiration from street theater. What they do is essentially put on an act where they don't speak. Yet they did make sounds during their first act.

To warm up the crowd in their first act they gave us slapstick kind of magic tricks. They engaged the audience and kept everyone laughing. They played off of each other and created a competitive relationship. After they finished their first act the audience was ready to accept a performance where the characters do not speak, and subtle comic references are to be seen in facial gestures and bodily movement.

The rest of the acts were little short stories, one including a dancing teapot. Certainly you could get taken away by these guys due to their sheer brilliance at wacky imagery. I am not sure if it is something JH had ever seen before, but he had a great time. I even saw some Grandma's and Grandpa's in the show and wondered how they took it.

These guys have been doing their act for a while so I would catch them before they retire. Their show completes their Korean tour on the 26th so go ahead and catch them at the Mapo Arts Center.



  1. the comedy show was so fun... haha
    especially, the scene of red hair guy's ass was sliced by knife.. haha..

  2. I want to see them before its gone! That makes two favorable reviews. I've got to get my butt in gear.


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