Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Call for Help

Hello teachers out there. I have a dear friend of mine who owns her own hagwon in Bundang. But she is having a family crisis in her home country so needs to swiftly go back home for a while.

This means she urgently needs a few teachers to substitute for her while she is out of the country. I am still gathering the details but I would consider this as part time work.

  • Kindy hakwon ages = 5 -8
  • Time needed M - F from 2 - 6 pm
  • Classes are 40 min long
  • I am unsure of the pay or other details but I would say if you are interested email me or leave a comment so that we can work something out.
This is something that if you know anyone who is looking for short term work it would be great.

I will update with more details later.

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  1. Hi folks, I am Cindy, it's my hakwon that I need help with. My mom was diagnosed with a inoperable brain tumor a few days ago and I'm trying to "get all my ducks in a row" so to say before I have to get back to NJ to help my dad with her. If you have questions, email me at alliejam@gmail.com Thanks for considering (oh and a lot of warm fuzzy vibes and prayers for my mom would help too.)


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