Monday, September 7, 2009

You Wanna Talk Healthcare

Warning: This one is kind of personal. So just to sum up I am for reform.

Let's talk healthcare! PPO this and HMO that. Hey I worked at an insurance company before becoming an English robot here in Korea. It's a mess folks and the way it is set up now doesn't help EVERYBODY.

Roboseyo has made a post on his blog. But I have to say if you are American than this subject has to ring inside your head. If you are in America right now it is all over the news. If not it must be on your loved ones' lips when you talk to them over the phone or skype. Even if you aren't American I am sure this is of some interest to you, especially if the country you are from has it's health coverage figured out.

I have my own personal take on this based upon the fact that I have endured what a poor person goes through when they are very ill. Let me just say it's awful. In October of 2006 I became severely ill with intestinal problems. Let's just say it was like the stomach flu but 10x worse. I couldn't eat or drink without feeling pain down there. I became dehydrated because it was too painful for me to get up and get a glass of water. So I was rushed to the ER. After 12 hours in there I was diagnosed with depression, despite the fact that (WARNING: DISGUSTING) I had blood coming out of my a**. It even stained their beautiful bleach white hospital sheets. But was I rushed to the GI part of the hospital? No. I was sent home with a huge ass bill, because I had no insurance. Let me tell you folks you too would be depressed if your life was slowly and painfully dwindling away from you for unexplainable reasons. (I am still paying off this hospital.)

It wasn't till 4.5 months later that I was properly diagnosed. And this was because my primary doctor at the San Francisco General Hospital realized that I was in need of urgent care and pleaded with the GI doctors at the hospital to move me up to the top of the list. Since I wasn't a senior I was put at the bottom.

They diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis borderline Crohn's disease. I was given a fist full of drugs to take everyday and I recovered while at the same time managed to graduate college in the spring of 2007. So it is that I know what it is like to be poor, uninsured and processed like cattle at a hospital.

But, I bet my last penny or Won that there are other worse case scenarios out there and that hospitals in many parts of the world lack the basic necessities needed to just check someones temperature.

Therefore I am all for Reform and to get it done quickly.

Here is what I wrote in response to Rob's post, in case you don't understand my little tirade here anyways.

I think this reflects a frame of mind regarding health care amongst Americans. (which I am you know Rob...just letting others know.)

It is sad to admit but I think for most in America they view health care and coverage as a privilege. I am sure for some of these folks who don't want reform they are thinking of why should they pay for other peoples expenses when those people can't survive the "proper" way in society to begin with.

When I was deathly ill I was finally taken care of at a General Hospital in San Francisco. This was no HMO PPO place. It was for the poor, criminals and uninsured.

I would be waiting in line to get my blood drawn while a felons were brought in wearing orange jump suits and handcuffs. They got to go first.

The waiting area was shared with homeless crack addicts who were jerking and yelling as they waited for their refill of methadone..or whatever it is.

I have lived through poor healthcare and healthcare that is for the poor. My health insurance at that hospital ended up being the poor peoples insurance provided by the city.

So I have to say that America needs to solve this healthcare problem by not just making it socialized but making sure that equality is present inside the hospitals.

Because I know how slow and stubborn hospitals and nurses can be I can only imagine that when these changes take present the transition period will be a nightmare for Doctors and patients alike.

All in all, it is this frame of mind that the privileged deserve health care and the poor deserve to wait in long lines at dirty hospitals where no one gives a crap about you, needs to go away too.

In the meantime people are dieing and unable to pay for their pills because some idiots want to yell at other idiots in Town Hall meetings.

But I have to say I do feel hopeful with Obama in the seat. I just wish he would put his foot down and get this over with.
DEEP Breath........ a fun liberal type cartoon to get your blood boiling...

.....if your still with me... I posted a more light hearted fun post below this one...


  1. To begin with I want to say that as a "senior" too young for Medicare in the U.S. without health insurance right now I totally believe that there should be a public option in the health care reform bill that is being crafted & debated in the U.S. right now.
    I had good health insurance for the past 2 yrs thru the Univ. I am attending for my Doctoral studies. However, the Univ. changed the voluntary option provider & I am inelgible now, because I am taking less than 12 credits! Doctoral students are full time at this Univ. taking 6 credits, so this is really F'ed up! AND I have been trying to contact the Univ. president for weeks now to let him know that the policy disenfranchises a significant portion of the Univ's grad & doc. students!
    There is a crappy policy that I can buy into due to having pre-existing conditions that I'm about to do at $200 per mo.. At least I'd have "something"!
    Who the hell reaches my age (61) w/out a pre-existing condition!
    That's a whole other fly in the health care debate ointment!

    NOW...if you're still w/me, here's my response to Joy's post!

    God bless you Joy!
    That you survived the whole ordeal as well as you did and then graduated w/honors is totally amazing and God blessed you big time! athiests & agnostics....substitute whatever you need in the my understanding it was a
    "miracle" by a Power Greater than me or Joy that brought her thru!
    HOWEVER....Joy is leaving out a very important detail in the story! And that is she was eligible to buy into some really good health insurance offered to CSU students at a v. reasonable price...that she opted NOT to purchase when she could, or take me up on the offer to help her buy it!
    I know ALL about that health ins. (Blue Cross/Blue Shield of CA) because I bought it when I was a CSU grad student 2001-2004!

    Also...thru out the ordeal Joy did not want to talk to me about this!
    I was powerless 3000 miles away to take care of my baby!
    I would have gotten her the care she needed w/the GI specialists as if MY life depended on it.
    However, she rejected my help & relied on other member's of her family who in my opinion inadequately advised or helped her.
    That in itself is a whole other part of this story.

    Also.....Joy could have gone to a "better" hospital ER & they would have had to treat her.
    With a bloody bottom, NO way would I have let her leave the hosp. til that was properly diagnosed or scheduled to be diagnosed.
    It is v. hard to advocate properly for yourself when sick, weak and frightened.
    Despite it all....Joy did the best she could, but having her "pushy NY" Mama there would have recvd more attention!

    Also it is my belief that one is in need of medical attention...MONEY is the least of it. NO MATTER how much it costs get the best care available.
    Hospitals, Dr.s, etc... can be paid off $5.oo per mo. FOREVER!
    GET THE HELP that is needed when it's needed...& "f" any worry about how much it costs.
    Maybe that's the big lesson! Or at least HOW I see it & that is v. different than other member's of Joy's family see it!
    If the govt (as in the US.) doesn't take care of the citizen, then the citizen has to take matter into their own hands!

    Back to the situation in the U.S....basically the people who have health ins & can afford to have it, don't give a rat's ass (on the most part) about all the other Americans who don't have health ins., we can just disappear as far as they're concerned....they had Bush for 8 yrs & look where it got them! Their anger about all this is really their anger at their ownselves for believing in such an idiot to lead this country into the '' ground! And now they want Obama to fail.....what a bunch of bs!

  2. It was quite the ordeal and of course the execution could of been handled better. Still it was a disappointing experience when I visited 2 Emergency room clinicians.

    Anyways I will keep an eye on this reform.

  3. Obama is addressing Congress tonite.
    The Dems are going to have to go this alone....the Repubs want him to fail, so that they can retake Congress in the midterm elections next yr.
    Ahhh...U.S. politics!

    Yes...the whole situation/ experience might have been handled better is putting it mildly to say the least!
    Hopefully u can really see that for what it was now.


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