Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hongik Roamings

Since JH has a car I spend a lot of time on the open road instead of inside the steel box of the subway car. But Korea's roadways are typically clogged and you often find yourself waiting to get through certain parts. Saturday we went to a job prospect area in Seoul to scope it out. I will update more about this at the end of this post. On our way I found myself under two subway train bridges that made a great clickity clack sound when a train passed.

We also passed the 63 building, which had put me the closest ever to it's front door.
After checking out a prospective school we went to Hongdae or the Hongik University area. Mostly because I was craving Mexican food from Dos Tacos and sometimes you need that Hongdae hip art fix.

Driving into Hongdae the streets were crowded as usual with young pedestrians. There was an art street festival going on as well. We passed one promotional thing happening with these guys wearing boxes on their heads. It was a sight to see, indeed.
Lunch was well worth the drive around to find a parking spot. We played little peek-a-boo games while waiting for the food.

That's an avocado chicken burrito for me!

JH had a burrito too but ate it before I took a picture. We shared a nacho plate with a 3 dipping side.

After lunch we walked around and took in the scenery.

Every time I go I see more graffiti and I bet it changes weekly.
I'm unsure if I miss the subway rides but it certainly makes going home more comfortable. I still ride the subway sometimes and it isn't all that bad.

Job Hunt Update: Boy oh boy! There are still slim pickings to be had. I have a job interview Friday for a position in Seoul. (The one I scoped out.) Now this one is in Guro, which as I saw on Saturday isn't the prettiest part of town. In fact it is close to a lot of industrial stuff. The school's neighborhood is a typical Korean family 'hood. Small "villa" type houses squished next to each other with narrow streets. The nearest Emart or Homeplus seemed a bus ride away. The job position is an after school gig at a public school (12pm - 6pm). The only thing I am crazy about this job is that it is in Seoul. But to be honest I wasn't too excited about the area. I couldn't figure out what decent kind of dwelling they would give me. I think I have been spoiled living out here in suburbia in Gyeonggi-do. Also the school isn't nearby any main subway station, so that would be a lot of bus riding for me.

Also I am a morning person and have been enjoying getting off at 4:40pm, so I am hesitant to get off work at 6. The thing is I am really being stubborn here and am not going to take a new job unless I am for sure it is what I want. Once you sign that contract your ability to take it back is gone.

Still waiting for the interview for Paju, and keeping on eye on any new jobs that come up.


  1. Hey Joy,

    Be very careful with these after-school gigs as they can be dodgy. Google them to find out the typical scams.

  2. eh, Guro is Seoul but you might find it just as out of the way as Sabon. I'd check out Paju - it'll be farther, but there's a big arts community there.
    Another thing I'd do is ask some of your friends in the English teaching community to show you their shared housing so you have a good idea of what is typical.

  3. Ah yes I should go check out Paju. I am not looking to live in a shared housing situation...but I have seen other people's housing and it sure does vary. I am just shooting for something modern and high up...so I have a view and noise will be reduced.

  4. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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