Thursday, September 10, 2009

Comfort Zone

As we all know, there is a lot to see and do in Korea. I am sure there are still great places I haven't been to yet. But sometimes I like to go back to places that I have enjoyed. One such place is Anyang Art Park, where I first met JH and also discovered a relaxing and nearby part of Korea.

But before we went there we went to Lake Baek Woon 백운호수, which is also in my area. I thought there would be some foot paddle boots, but this place looked more like it was meant for leisurely strolls. So after looking around we headed to Anyang Art Park.

We forgot to change the setting on the camera so this picture is kind of washed out in blue. But I think it has a dreamy touch to it.

JH played around in the water for a while.

Before we walked over to the river part we stopped at a convenience store. I bought these mini-ramyeons which are so cute!
When I move from this area I am going to miss being close to Anyang Art Park. But depending on where I go next I might just find another spot that I will enjoy.

Job Hunt Update: So I have that interview tomorrow for the after school position in Guro, which I am not crazy about. I believe it is run by SMOE. Some new developments happened yesterday and now I have more job prospects. I got an offer for Ansan but turned it down due to that it is further than where I live now and I just don't see the point of living more far out. Then I got a fresh offer for Yongin, which is below or near Bundang. It is particularly near Ori station. These are all Elementary public school gigs with typical public school schedules. I jumped at the Yongin one and said to please send them my info. So I am waiting to hear back on that. The same recruiter has an offer for Anyang which is nearby here, but the school's set up is that they have 4 Native teachers. So I am imagining that this school is very big. I wouldn't mind a position in Anyang since that move would be easy.

I am shooting for the Yongin one since I really like the Bundang area and I have a friend out there with 2 kids and it would be nice to have that family feeling nearby.

As for Paju, I am still waiting to hear back about an interview.


  1. Paju? have you been there?
    in case not, that place is literally a spitting distance from the DMZ.

  2. I live in Yongin! I've been working at a hagwon here for almost 8 months and I am in love with this city. I'm not a city person at all, but there's something about being here that makes me feel at home; everytime I go away I feel so happy when I come back home. I live right by Jukjeon station; Yongin is a lot bigger than I first realized.

  3. Hi Steph. Glad to hear the good feedback. We will see if I get the offer. I hope so since it sounds like an ideal place.

    How is the housing out there? Many offictells?


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