Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back Home (Arrival)

After a few complications with checking in at the airport (needed to get a re-entry permit) I boarded the plane and managed to get a window seat.

Ten hours on a plane isn't so bad if you spend most of your time trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I sat next to two ahjusshi's who were going on a business trip to San Francisco and I told them about the sights to see and the dangerous things to look out for in the city.

Arriving back home, in America, felt like I was in a dream. You could feel the American attitude and atmosphere everywhere, of course. English was easily available on signs and heard all around me.

On the drive to my Dad's house, which is three hours north from the airport, we stopped at a few places. I felt as if I were seeing my home country as an outsider. At the gas station snack shop I was wowed by the variety of snacks and peanut butter treats. When we went into a supermarket I gushed over the cheese stand. I wanted to eat it all. What I also noticed was that Americans were talking friendly to each other. "Excuse me" and "Thanks, have a nice day." Were on the lips of everyone it seemed. Had this always been the way? I wondered if since the Obama election if people have returned to a friendlier state.

Coming back home to my father's mountain home, with a huge yard, pool and jacuzzi I couldn't help but feel like I had just gone a few miles from Korea and stepped back into comfort. The guest bed is as soft and squishy as anyone could ask for.

It feels great to be back in my country and feel at ease with my surroundings. Although jet lagged and weary I don't want to waste a minute of a my time here. I hope to bring you more updates and pictures of my vacation back home.

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