Tuesday, August 18, 2009

12hrs Later

I am back at my home in Sanbon. The plane ride went all right and my traveling companion happened to be a Japanese woman who studied English in San Francisco. So she had an exciting time talking to me about her travels in California.

Coming back to Korea felt a little bit like my first day in Korea way back when I first got here. Except that I know everything a little more now.

Coming home was interesting. JH had spent his time without me cleaning my house and arranging everything very neatly. I have never dated anyone who likes to clean or arrange things in a neat manner. But that is a plus in my book!

Despite this warm welcoming I had a hard time sleeping last night due to having to get back into accepting that my house is crap. I had slept on a really soft and squishy bed for the past two weeks so coming back to my hard ass one here in Korea was a little bit of a shocker. Also it seems there is a hole in my wall or ceiling some where that is letting in the other tenant's cigarette smoke. So I spent a good deal of time last night taping over the cracks in the door and a vent on the ceiling.

Ah well, just two more months till I move on to the next place where ever that will be. Because of the H1N1 scare I don't have to go work till next Monday so that gives me plenty of time to beat off jet lag and get back into my life here in Korea.

I have some photos from the last few days spent in Cali before I came back so I will put those up when the time comes.



  1. Can you afford to move out on your own to a temp place til u know where your next work situation will be & ask for a credit toward your rent elsewhere...? Base it on your health concerns for the seeping cig smoke issue or something like that?
    That's what I'd probably try to do especially since this employer isn't retaining you...making waves now isn't such a big deal or is it?!!

    Glad to know u arrived home safe n sound!
    Enjoy your days off.... maybe looking for a new happier temp place to live!!

  2. Hi Mom,
    I think I have it managed in my house with the smoke. It would be a real hassle to go find a place on my own. And usually the deposit is really high for a nice place. If I want a cheap place I am looking at the same problem as here. So i just need to bear this till it's over.

  3. Good lord. Do they quarantine you every time you enter the country? Or is it only when you’re flying in from certain countries, like the US?

  4. My school told me to stay home. But a non teacher getting off the plane probably doesn't have the same experience. But I think that the answer is yes if you go and come back...from any country and you are a teacher.

  5. Hmm... Well, I guess that's not too bad. If I take a vacation, I get an extra week tacked on, free :) Seems like that would get to be a pain for the schools, though.

  6. Depends where you go. I took a week vacation to Australia, came back to work and was teaching again the next day. No quarantine.

    Someone told me it depends what day you enter the country. Some of our new teachers from the US had a week of office work, others went straight into teaching.


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