Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Nevada County Fair

One of the highlights I was expecting on my vacation was a trip over to the annual Nevada County Fair. It started last Wednesday and I went once by myself and then again in the evening with my Dad and Step mom. Everything was there had it been in the past and not much had changed except that I was older.

I had a great time looking around and taking part in this American tradition.

The entrance~

Ferris Wheel~

Snack stand.

Vendor section

Livestock. Although the livestock area is usually smelly I really enjoy seeing the animals.

A short video of the lambs being paraded around for judging.

My favorite animals were the fowl. They had a lot of varieties of birds.

One section of the fair is "Treat Street" where you can get typical fair food and find other tasty treasures.

For lunch I had a baked potato and Raspberry-lemon slush.

There was a barn with a mini-railroad display.

Around the area where the rides are also those prize games. Usually you pay a dollar and are given something to throw. Here you could win a goldfish if you throw a ball into a bowl.

I didn't take part in any rides but it was great to see some classics.

There were a lot of activities for kids, of course.

One barn had artworks from a contest.

Now we are back at the fair when I went with my family.


Inside the model train museum.

And so they turned on the fair rides lights and it was time to go back home.
Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to San Francisco to spend the day in the city and sleep at a hotel so I can get to the airport in time. As if in a flash my whole vacation is practically over now. It has been great to relax and get away from Korea and be reminded of my roots. But I feel it is time to get back to Korea and pick up from where I left off. However, I know once America is faraway from my sight I will miss it all. ~

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