Friday, August 28, 2009

Elementary vs. High School

Calling all public school teachers out there (in Korea). I am considering making the switch from Elementary school to High School.

But I have always had a fear of teenagers and their mean looks so I don't know. The reason why I am interested in High School is because I am under the impression that you are given a clean slate to design your own curriculum and do whatever you want. Also I would think you don't have to be a "edutainer" or entertainer all the time as you are with little kids. But I love the little kids so I don't know if I will miss them at the high school.

So for you folks I have a set of questions that could use some answering.
  • Are there any differences in teaching High School and Elementary?
  • What is the coteaching like?
  • What are the expectations like?
  • What was your High School teaching experience like?
  • Anything that could help!


  1. Knowing you and your personality, I'd say you'd probably be happier staying with elementary and middle school kids . . . high schoolers of either gender can be great fun, but are also challening. I don't think there's any less "edutainment" involved, and while their English level is often higher, so is the drama level. I loved teaching high school boys, but that's because I'm brash and loud and slightly insane. If you like little kids (and boy, you don't know what a special gift that is . . . being trapped in a room of elementary school kids is a nightmare for me!) I'd stick with that.

  2. Good point and I feel the same. Just didn't know if it would be a nice change of pace or an unwise decision.

  3. Until you get more teaching experience including classroom management skills my suggestion is to stay w/the younger kids.

    HS would be extremely challenging and I imagine the admistrators would be far more critical also, as their students are trying out for higher education placement, etc....

    Taking some ed courses (online) or reading up on teaching, classroom management, ed theory/pedagogy, etc... would be v. helpful.

  4. That makes a lot of sense Mom and after a while now I am beginning to think the same thing. I should stick with what I know and have experience with. Since I am just starting to get into this profession more seriously I should wake to make big steps like that later on. ;)

  5. wake = wait

    There should be a buzzer that goes off for not profreeding first before submitting.

  6. I'm with the others on this; everything is pretty much the same as your experience so far, with the addition that the students are either quite demanding or totally don't care. In the same class.

    It is sometimes a challenge for me, and I have over 20 years in the classroom, ranging from 5 year olds to AP level.

    That said, I find it pretty rewarding because of the kids in each class that respond well and work hard.

    I get along well with my co-teachers, but I did have to sort them out as far as what their responsibilities were.


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