Friday, August 7, 2009

Water and Dollar Flowing

It has already been five days and it feels I have fallen back into place here in America easily. However, it is an odd feeling to fit into my surroundings. I have been so use to having to think ahead before I leave my house in Korea. But to me this isn't a downfall or makes me want to never leave America, just something I find intriguing.

Last Tuesday I went to the Yuba River to meet my friend and her 3 sons for a fun time. As a child I went to the Yuba river whenever I visited my father during the summer, from Florida. As a teenager when I was living with my father I spent a lot of time at the river exploring the mystical side of life. What can I say? I have a bit of a hippy style past.

The drive down to the river brought back good memories of the times I drove out there in my beat up Mazda.

Northern California in the Sierra Foothills dries out in the summer time, due to that there isn't any rainfall for 4 months.
At the river we had a lot of fun swimming and relaxing.

I hadn't swam in the Yuba for a very long time so it felt refreshing to splash around and swim against the current.

Wednesday I woke up from a long night's rest with the energy to go out shopping. Forty-five minutes up the highway here is a great mall and shopping area. I hate to say it but America really designed their mall and shopping areas thoughtfully.

At the mall I was taken aback by the amount of clothing on sale for cheap prices. In fact I had a hard time trying not to buy everything I saw. So I picked up the essential things on my list and plan to go back and stock up on more clothing.

Lunch in the food court...taco and limes.

After I went to the mall I needed to stop at an Electronics store and Wal-mart. I still didn't get everything I want so will go back again. Before I came to Korea for the first time I didn't really know what to buy. Since I have lived in Korea I know what they have that is similar to American stuff, so this time I can shop for the exact things I know Korea doesn't have.

The electronics store had a train coming out of the building. It was a great gimmick.

Over at Wal-mart I was blown away in the cereal isle. Something more than Corn Flakes is always welcomed. I took home a box of Rice Crispies.

Well today went all right too and I will post more about that. I guess I am kind of in the middle of my vacation knowing that soon enough I will be back on the plane and facing what is waiting for me back home. I heard a typhoon is coming to Korea so I hope everyone is doing okay.

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  1. oh~ limes.. Actually I never seen the lime in Korea so far..><
    and Yuba river looks so nice place~
    you had a really nice time..
    What's the season when we go to America?? I want to swim there too.


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