Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Last Tidbit of my Vacation

Ah quarantine contemplation times. Trust me I haven't stuck to staying in my house, just not walking past my school. Vacation was good and I hope I did enough out there in America Land. Now of course I miss the tree that was outside my window and the deep blue California sky.

But having a few days off before going back to work is nice as well. Kind of helping get back into the groove of Korean life.

So to finish off my posts about my vacation I will just share the last few pics I took before I came back.

Crossing the Bay Bridge

San Francisco on a clear day.

Asian Art Museum. They were holding a Samurai exhibit which was amazing!

There was a live exhibit of traditional Japanese archery.

Oops...the sun got caught in our eyes.

The night before we left we stayed at a hotel.
I have completely unpacked and tucked everything away where it should go. But I am starting to do some cleaning out in preparation for moving out in two months.

Job hunting is coming along. I have three recruiters working for me and I picked what I feel are the top ones out there. So far I have one job offer for an after school program in Bundang. But I asked if I can see the house and school before making my decision and the recruiter said they just prefer a phone interview. We will see if I can finesse them into letting me see the place first. I feel I have a lot of time to find the right matching job so I am in no hurry.

I am keeping a notebook of my job hunting and wrote down questions I intend to ask before finishing the interview. In a lot of ways I feel more prepared to be on the job hunt again than I was the last two times I went through this.

All right well Foreign/er Joy has the next few days off if anyone wants to meet her. ;)


  1. haha! i hope the job hunting continues to be a success! i'll have to take tips from you when i get to that point! lol of course i am only completing my first month of 12... haha! but i know i'm definitely staying in korea for a while!

    hopefully you can come saturday or we can do something sunday!! :)

  2. "All right well Foreign/er Joy has the next few days off if anyone wants to meet her. ;) "

    hmm, what happened to the boyfriend?

  3. Haha Boyfriend is still with me. He is working though. Thought if anyone wanted to meet up and chill together...that would be cool. ;)


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