Tuesday, August 11, 2009

American Garden

I will start of this post with pictures of a meal my Dad cooked the other night. We had chicken cutlets, rice and garden vegetables. Of course, it tasted wonderful!

Since my Dad recently lost his job or has semi-retired he and my step-Mom have been growing a pretty extensive garden in the front yard.



I found the cat playing in a flower bush.

Across the street from my Dad's house is a huge park with baseball fields. Behind the park is a public swimming pool and to the side is a creek that runs through the forest.

I went into Nevada City to do some shopping and have brunch with my Dad.

Lunch consisted of baked macaroni and cheese with cornbread for myself and my Dad had a cheeseburger.

I am telling you it really can't get any better than that. I am going back to the mall today to finish off some more shopping. All in all, my vacation has been super relaxing.


  1. Dad's garden looks amazing!
    But, how come white rice?!!

    Do you wish you could stay in the US rather than return to Korea?

  2. Thanks ~

    I want to return to Korea but I still love it out here. I would like to stay if:
    A: I had a solid job.
    B: Had inexpensive health and dental insurance
    C: A nice place to live
    D: My boyfriend.

  3. A full time job with benefits and no worries.

  4. Love the pictures Joy, thanks for sharing! Cyn...


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