Thursday, August 27, 2009

Economy Sized

Just now some students handed me an economy sized hand sanitizer bottle. It is pretty big, and not your tiny little bottle type. They said it is meant for our classroom.

Apparantly all the classrooms are getting one. I guess the H1N1 scare has finally made school's realize it's time to take care of their cleaning habits.

Ah well I'm glad to see it and hope this keeps up even after the virus goes away, if it does.


  1. Two yrs back before the
    H1NI the Lee Co. School District where I was teaching at an alternative HS at the time banned the hand sanitizers because of the alcohol content....saying it was dangerous stuff for young students & the older ones were abusing it!
    Wonder if they're going to reinstate its use now w/this big problem/scare on the horizon.??

    Bottom Line = if you see the kids sucking their hands & acting loopy you'll know you have a problem in your classroom!

  2. Haha I will look at for that behavior. Certainly hope it does more benefit to them than harm.


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