Thursday, August 6, 2009

Computer is in the Pound

I don't know if you recall but a few months ago I accidentally let water leak into my Macbook. Since then the battery has been shot and I can only operate the computer using plugged in power.

So I took it to the Mac store today to see what they could tell me. It turns out they were overloaded with people needing help with their Apple products. I took the option of leaving it there for 3 days while the check to see what is the problem. I should expect a call when they are finished to get the verdict on what my options will be. If the cost of repairs equals the cost of a new Macbook then why would I bother repairing it? I could possibly just keep operating it as it is and when the day comes that it completely dies I guess I could buy a new one.

Also my iPod touch has been dieing very quickly and so I handed that in too for a checkup.

So updating my blog without pictures will be a harder task now. However I can use my parent's computers but I am not sure whether they want me uploading pictures or not. I will check on this.

It has been great to roam free here and go shopping. You wouldn't believe the sales stores are having. I guess with these hard economic times they are really trying to get people to buy their stuff.

I got a pair of jeans for just $20. I am doing a lot of shopping so I may have to buy another suitcase before I go back to Korea. ^^

Alright I will update on more when the time comes.


  1. So how's the shopping here compared to Korea? Prices on things better here or there? What kinds of things are you surprised to find here in the US that you can't find in Korea, and vice versa?

  2. Shopping compared to Korea? Gee I could write a whole post about this. I will sum it by saying shopping in America is more comfortable than shopping in Korea. For example, the salespeople do not come up to your face and follow you around. You can find clothing sizes easily. Prices our out in bold. There are easy to understand sale signs.

    Also shopping in a mall that is laid out horizontally rather than vertically is also more comfortable.

    Things I can't find in Korea that I can find in US.
    -Jeans my size.
    -Health food know that organic hippy stuff
    -Bras that fit my body size.



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