Monday, August 24, 2009

Random Trip to Wonju

Being back at school seemed to go pretty smoothly. My coteacher is no where to be seen so I guess she is still on vacation. School doesn't officially start till Wednesday but till then I am teaching the Advanced class in the morning.

Last Saturday JH and I had nothing planned until he got a call from his boss saying he had to go out to Wonju to take care of a problem with a client. One of his clients is at the Oak Valley Resort and was having problems with some tiles they ordered. This place is famous for its ski resort in the winter and golfing resort in the summer. I had never been to Wonju so I hopped along for the ride.

What should have taken us about an hour and a half to get there took three hours due to traffic. Once we got there I dropped off JH at the construction site and then went exploring on my own to see what this glorious place was all about.
Indeed it was very beautiful and full of splendor. The condo building felt like a real hotel unlike the dingy typical love-hotels you find around Seoul. I walked around and found a banquet hall empty. It had the feeling of an eerily open space, but also had a nice interior, for which I am sure guests enjoy sharing meals together.
The place was huge and was spread out over many areas, all of which were surrounded by sparkling green golf pastures. The only experiences I have with golf are putt-putt, and I don't even know if you can call that a "golfing experience." If I were a serious golfer I would consider this place as a good way to get real life practice down. The typical situation for golfing in Seoul and major cities seems to be artificial practice. Basically you have a building in which a huge net comes out from one side and you can hit a ball far off into the net. If you see large green nets next to a building you know it is for practicing golf.
But here you don't need a net to catch your ball. Sometimes you hear about how Korea is experiencing a drought, well I wonder where these guys are getting all their water.

As a reward for trekking out there with JH we ate at a Galbi place nearby. This was the type of galbi that was not soaked in sauce. It was a delicious meal and we enjoyed it fully.

We started to make our way home but as we did so we passed over a river. Instantly we knew we had to stop and spend some time admiring this natural beauty.

I would like to come back to Wonju to swim in the river and enjoy the scenery. It was a great random trip and another place I can say I have been to in Korea.


  1. That's so funny because on Saturday WE were on our way to Wonju to move into our new apartment! We love it so far. The town is so clean and incredibly green! They use every bit of spare space to plant flowers or grow chiles I'm loving it so far. You should come visit us sometime!

  2. Oh cool~ Ah it is a really relaxing place. My bf has to go out there often due to his client. hehe... so maybe next time we go i will check in with ya.

  3. Looks like you had some nice weather too!

    Great to finally see JH's face -- what a cutie ;)


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