Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer Englishee in The Mountainsee

It's amazing how much you can learn about yourself and the world that you live in when you spend 5 days at an English camp in the mountains in Korea. With the reality that my school rejected to keep me for another year and that I cannot pinpoint why, I entered teaching the mountain camp with the attitude of a free spirit. I figured this may be my last time out there and I should make it a good experience. For my classes I figured I would try my best to teach them English at the same time making sure they were having fun and learning. So it was that camp proved to be a heartwarming experience.

Without further ado I bring you the adventures from Summer Camp 2009.

Girls pose for a picture on our way to camp.

My sleeping cabin.


My teaching cabin (They put my class in this cabin...the regular classroom was being used as a room for the cleaning staff.)

My accommodations...this time I brought a mat to put under the blankets.

Kids run out of the lobby to go to their cabins to change into swimsuits so to go boating and fishing.

Kids get training for boating~



Kids go fishing using nets. It was rainy this day so a bit cool for this summer activity.

The boating begins~

A lot of excitement.

Somebody was too cold to keep fishing.

The kids found this book in the lobby. It is a book of bunny suicides. I read the publisher's page and found out the author is English. Title: The book of Bunny Suicides. The kids loved this book and some parts were a bit too gruesome but overall very creative.

On Wednesday we found a Toad leaping and crawling near the building. We were all fascinated by it (teachers)...which meant we had been at camp for a while.

Talent night~

Kids loved finding the bugs at camp, capturing them and showing them off to us teachers. I wasn't' too scared by what they caught and was fascinated too. Some teachers found it cruel the way the kids played with the bugs, especially the boys. But I concluded they are boys and that is what boys do.

Mountain scene~

This was the "cool" boy at camp...i.e. popular boy.


Last day of camp in the morning. Kids are tuckered out from learning English and being at camp.

On the last day we decided to have one big event for the kids instead of teaching our individual classes. Some teachers were organizing a scavenger hunt. I helped out by creating a lower level scavenger hunt sheet. I went to the office to make copies. The head director greeted me and asked if I were coming back for Winter camp. I told her my story of how my school didn't sign me on for a second year and she frowned. She told me that I was a really good teacher and will be sad to see me not at the camp again.

It was as if the skies had opened up and handed me a gift. Meaning I have been waiting all my time here in Korea to hear a Korean person tell me that I am a good teacher and mean it.

I didn't kiss ass either to get that praise. I really tried to teach the kids, be patient and provide them quality care. For the low level class I went slower and made sure they were on the right page. For the higher level class I challenged them more with quizzes and comprehension checks. Throughout camp kids would come up to me and say "Geography!". I was the Geography teacher. hehehe

I really have an open heart now towards kids and teaching them English. I know there are times when we (teachers) get stressed and tired and don't want to deal with the kids. But I feel that I can no longer blame them. Saying, "Oh this class is so hard, the kids are so slow" just won't work for me. I feel now no matter the kids it is my duty to be patient with them and be their teacher.

Anyways, camp was great. It was really rewarding to unplug for a while. Behind the cabins was a creek that helped one relax.

I wish I could come there again and again, but that means I would need to find a Gunpo City job somehow. Well we will see!

For now I feel fulfilled with my abilities at teaching and excited because SUNDAY I go to America for vacation!

See you there!

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  1. glad you had fun! i will miss you while you are gone=^^=
    have fun in the good ol' US of A


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