Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The First 24 Hours

It is 11pm here and 2:46 pm tomorrow time in Korea. I don't feel too jet lagged since I am trying to go by American time...that is go to bed when the sun is down. Yet I know I am tired still I feel the need to blog.

In so many ways I feel like I am the puzzle piece that has been placed back in the big puzzle that is America. Yet each experience feels kind of new.

Today I picked up my rental car and took care of a few things. First I went to UPS and got my live scan background check done. I need a fresh background check to get my next job. Then, since I was downtown, I went shopping.

Basically my part of America is broken up into two small towns that live next to each other. You have Grass Valley on one side and Nevada City on the other. My family's house is on the Nevada City side, which is a smaller town with more hills and less space. Grass Valley is bigger and has many stores and parking areas.

Each city has their own quaint downtown, which looks like it is from the Wild West. This is because back in the 1850's this was gold mining country.

So it was great to come back to this nostalgic little piece of land and see what has changed over a year. Therefore I have for you now my pictures from the 24 hrs of being in America.

San Francisco



Downtown Grass Valley. A used bookstore.

Inside the used bookstore, which was like stepping into Heaven.

Walking around town~

After my visit in Grass Valley I came home and tackled the boxes I have stored in my Dad's garage. I am a pack rat and have saved so much throughout my life. My Dad may move out of the house someday and I don't want my stuff to be a burden to him. So I consolidated everything to less boxes. Now there is a huge garage sale pile. Anyone want some Tarot books?

Meanwhile my Dad mowed the lawn.

This was a puzzle I put together when I was a little girl.

This one I put together during high school when I was too lazy to go.
Time for bed! I am meeting my friend tomorrow and we are going to the river. ^^


  1. So does it feel like you never left or feel like you've been away longer than a year?

  2. YES!!!!
    But still feels a little like I haven't been in America for a while...

  3. Hey, Grass Valley!

    My sister lives up 20 a ways (Serene Lakes).

    Have you had that moment in public yet? That one where you completely understand some random conversation in the background and wish you didn't. ;-)

    I remember being amazed at the stupid things I could hear in English.

    Anyway, enjoy your vacation!

  4. Charles!! YEs and yes to those moments.. I have been having them a lot lately.


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