Sunday, August 9, 2009

In Between

My vacation has been streaming along great. But with just two weeks to go through I feel like it is so short. I am now at just one week left, but I have accomplished many things. I have spent quality time with the folks and got a lot of shopping done.

Here is a little tour of the house. My father rents a house with a huge yard.

These are the stairs leading to the front door.

This is the guest bedroom, and the bed is super cozy.

My Dad has always had the hobby of miniature craft.

This is my Dad's room.

The kitchen, which is just about the size of my home in Korea.

The living room.

What is this? I had my tea leaves read by an old lady in town. I won't reveal what she said but it was a fun experience.

I had my hair cut on Thursday.
On Thursday evening we went to a street market in Grass Valley.

When we got home one of the cats was having fun rolling around.

The sunsets in these neck of the woods are gorgeous.

There you have it...more to come. But in some small ways I miss Korea and especially JH.

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  1. Oh c'mon Joy please tell us "something" the tea leaves said!


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