Saturday, July 18, 2009

School's Out for Summer

I know in my last post I sounded like I was whining and griping about my job. When in reality it is a great job and I should be thankful for it.

In some ways I am really insecure when it comes to people evaluating me. Even when I worked at the summer camps (back in America) they would do session check ups on our performance and I occasionally had mini hissy fits.

What I am trying to say is that I shouldn't blame Korea or Koreans for my insecurities. Honestly I want to do this job and I want to do it well.

So to keep our minds off of this stuff let's look at some pictures I took from 6th graders during the last day of class before summer vacation.

Folder graffiti~

"English is funglish with full of excitement. You ask and I answer, you talk to me and I reply. I give and you... In English, everyday conversation becomes new experience with..."

View from the school window~

Later on in the day we received ice-cream in a bag, which was pretty darn good.


  1. do you teach middle school? How is it... I find that when middle schoolers are good, they are my favorite age group... but I never teach more than 10 at a time... the sight of so many kids in one classroom is a little scary...

  2. This is 6th grade in Elementary school but by American standards they should be in Middle school. It isn't so bad teaching this age kids and in a big class. But after summer they tend to change their attitude.

  3. I love your pictures! I cant wait to begin teaching! lol! when are you off to your vacation in America?


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