Sunday, July 26, 2009

Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival

On Saturday JH and I went to COEX to check out the International Cartoon and Animation festival. I got excited for going considering that back in San Diego the Comic Con was going on and so was thinking that this might be similar.

Despite that the experience wasn't full of costumed anime and manga maniacs, we still had a great time. Here for you is a picture journey through the festival.

There were some models showing off what I think was Pucca clothing. It was a little freakish to see these gals make intentional cute poses.
There were many cartoon booths throughout the festival hall, many of which were familiar.
Most of it wasn't very recognizable for me, but I could tell the kids were enjoying it all.

A lot of the booths were selling off goodies. Here is a popular item these days, which is fake bread or pastries that actually carry a pseudo scent of bread.

Here and there you could get your picture next to over sized cartoon characters.
There were a lot of spaces set up for contests and games, giving the underage plenty of fun things to do.

American cartoons were represented here and there. Spongebob is very popular out here, in case you didn't know.

At one booth JH found a computer to play some games.

So cute!

There was a section where cartoon and other artists set up little booths to sell and promote their works.

The fun part was that behind the booth you could see the artist making their crafts right there.

A wall with post-its and hand written messages.
One area was set where you could make cookies and have them baked. It was free but to do it you had to sign up early.

Entering the adjacent section of the festival.

There was a stage where they were presenting some animators.
This back area section had more artists set up that were available to sign their works. I was impressed to see some lines formed for these artists.

One exhibit area showcased different South East Asian cartoons.

Further back we went the more less crowded it became. We found one area where you could do some drawing. I spotted the only costumed festival goers the whole time drawing at a table.

Do you know who this is? The name starts wit an "H" and is suppose to be Seoul's new mascot.
There was even a section set up for illustrative drawing with a Wacom tablet. I wanted to join in but the participants seemed glue to their seats.

We finished up the cartoon and animation festival and while we tried to exit ended up in a separate exhibit featuring Korean folk crafts and traditional wares.

It was a fun experience and I enjoyed it even though the place was crowded with children. If you still got time today (Sunday) is the last day.

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  1. Talking of animation, this might be worth a trip down in Myong Dong


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