Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, White and Blue

Back home in America people are celebrating Independence Day. Maybe not every last American but I am sure most of them.

For me I have been without JH this weekend due to that he had a business trip in China. Yesterday I thought there was another Tomatillo taco gig going on downtown, but after I got there and saw no one around realized I had the date wrong. So one thing led to another I ended up at Kristen's to chill out.

As for today I am having another chill out day. But I am enjoying this Independence weekend by listening to A Prairie Home Companions July 4th Special and feeling like one cozy American.

The whole thing though makes me miss my family and my country. Yet I end up feeling like I appreciate America more than I ever did when I lived there.

What happens to be the most interesting part of all this is when I am out and about around other Koreans watching as they go by without a recognition of my country's holiday. Which makes sense, I wouldn't expect them to care about every country's major holidays.

Ah well..

Happy Birthday America!


  1. I'm a bit confused by your final paragraph. If it's perfectly logical for Koreans not to observe / be concerned about US holidays - because it "makes sense" - what makes that the most interesting thing about 4 July for you?

    Taking the sentiment and using a substitute -- "Buddha's birthday was observed in May this year. What's most interesting about this is that my Muslim friend didn't do anything to celebrate it. Which makes sense ...." -- might help explain why I'm scratching my head over this.

  2. I'll start with what is the most interesting thing about July 4th is getting together with family and having a bbq.

    I guess I am not being politically correct when saying "makes sense". But basically I was trying to say that i wouldn't expect Koreans to hold a celebration or talk to me about July4th Independence Day because they are Koreans in Korea who would expectantly have my holiday on the top of their mind.

    Maybe that still isn't right...

  3. .... Koreans who would NOT be expected to either know or care about a US holiday....

    Isn't that what you're trying to say?


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