Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anmyeondo Part 2

For part 2 I will highlight what we did for the rest of Saturday and Sunday. After lunch we checked into our Pension. After walking through the front door you are greeted with a pink and floral design on the wall.
The place had a kitchen equipped with a stove, fridge and rice cooker. There were cooking utensils there too.


The water ran very hot from the pipes, which was something I would have been more grateful for had it been winter time.

A large screen TV with Internet access.
Out on the porch JH spotted a frog and got frightened, but I found it to be so cute! I nicknamed it Mr. Frog and teased JH the whole time. I wanted to pick it up but JH had none of that.
A look at the pension building. The owner Ahjumma (middle aged woman) was very excited to have a foreigner stay at her pension. She said the other renters were curious about me. She was a fun lady who asked JH a lot of questions. I told him to tell her that most of the foreigners had gone to the Mud Festival. She retorted by telling us that she knows some people who went to the Mud Festival and got sick.
The pension was set right into the countryside. It was great to hear the sound of crickets and frogs in the summer afternoon.

A Dip in the West Sea (Yellow Sea):
We went back to the beach but by then it was raining. Nevertheless we came this far and weren't going to leave without a swim in the West Sea. So with some coaxing JH got me in the cool water and finally we swam around. It felt so freeing to swim in the water while it was raining. Also I realized how long it had been since I swam in a natural body of water.

After swimming and taking a short rest we set up for dinner. The pension allows its tenants to rent a grill and use a picnic table. So it was that we made galbi for dinner, which came out great. What you see here are our side dishes plus a bottle of "sweet" soju, which is low in alcohol.

JH was the master chef, with a little help from the Ahjumma.

We woke up on Sunday to torrential rain and wind. Our checkout time was 11am and so it was that we left our little slice of heaven.
We returned to my neighborhood and later on had some patbingsu for dessert. Now I miss that place and quietude it offered. I know some find the rainy season bothersome but I like the cool rain showers and pitter patter on the window. Ahhhhh summer~


  1. That pension room looks pretty cool and homey. It seems like a nice place to go for a relaxing weekend getaway.

  2. Looks like a very pleasant trip. Many Koreans seem frightened of insects. The students who clean my classroom freaked out totally when they found a cockroach one morning.

    Seems like you found a lovely place to stay--except for that eye-popping paint job. I don't find neon pink very restful.

  3. It was great... I didn't mind the pinkness ...who cares what they paint the wall...there was more space than my officetel and a darn lawn surrounding the building.


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