Monday, July 13, 2009

Blogging and Community

I was contacted last week to take part in a survey for someones graduate dissertation.

The question of whether digital communication via blogging is making old forms of communication disappear is an interesting topic. Since it is a striking issue out here in Korea where many expats blog about their life I think it is important that you too take part in this research.

I haven't given my full response yet, but hope that it materializes soon. I would like to shortly say that I feel blogging is the stepping stone for people to gather together in the future. As I know by experience meeting most of the other expats out here by first finding them on the Internet.

To get your mind started I copied the following from this person's blog.

Today’s archives are rife with personal diaries and papers which allow us a glimpse into the past. But, what of the archives of the future? How many people today actually keep a pen and paper journal or write letters home? In the future, what will the ‘foreigner’ community in Korea look like… when a foreigner meets another foreigner will they still experience ’should I wave and say hello or should I not’ awkwardness? will foreigners still be greeted wtih random ‘HELLOs!’ from strangers as they walk down the street? will foreigners still be helping each other to track down ‘good’ cheese? These are just a few of the issues that have been discussed in numerous Korea-related blogs and they have helped to shape the expat community, composed mainly of native English teachers, in Korea. How will future generations of expats living in Korea reflect upon these issues unless Korea-related blogs are archived in some manner? A failure to preserve blogs may create a black hole of information for future generations of archives users.
So go to their website and take the survey, for I am sure they will appreciate it.


  1. I got the same e-mail - apparently he found me through the Korean Blog List. It's a simple enough survey with few personal questions - and it's open to you even if you're not keeping a blog.

  2. OK...I'll take the survey.
    In response to the issues posed in your post Joy:
    - Archiving any form of communication is important for current and future generations to understand the evolution of our planent's diverse human inhabitants!
    - New forms of communication tend to supercede previous forms to some extent. An example: How much morse code is used today? How many pigeons are flying around w/timely messages?
    Get the drift.
    However, receiving "snailmail" from a loved one many miles away is still a precious form of communication in our digital age, as a tangible object represents another dimension of human communication and community.

    A v. interesting topic to say the least!

    Your ENGLISH Monitor continues with the lesson for today:

    Joy's English = "...I would like to shortly say ..."

    More correct English = "... I would like to briefly say...."

    "shortly" usually refers to something a person will do very soon; as in "She's leaving for the beach shortly."

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