Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tumbling Down

It must be that time of the year when everything comes tumbling down. For us at school it means tests and preparations for summer camp.

Also I enquired about my contract review and my coteacher said she will ask the Principal about it during our camp time, which is the 20 - 24th. But she expects he won't be ready to talk about it till after summer vacation...which is at the end of August. Whatever! I know what I am going to say so bring it on!

And after a lot of looking over tax documents and getting frustrated I used TurboTax to fill out my tax forms. Now all I have to do is mail it in and see what happens. (eFile-ing failed)

Lately I have been patiently waiting for my vacation in California which is coming in August. I start thinking about it and can't stop.

Well those are the updates for now...if my blogging seems sporadic it is because of all this stuff going on.

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