Sunday, July 12, 2009

Anmyeondo Part 1

Every now and then you got to get out of town. Go somewhere and be a tourist or a wondering traveler.

For JH and I wanted to have a mini vacation together before I go off on my big vacation to America. So with some quick planning he made arrangements for us to go to Anmyeondo.

However, before going I wasn't fully aware of our destination. Just knew that it would take around 3 hours driving to get there and was on the west coast of Korea.

So it was that we left early Saturday morning and headed down south, following the GPS unit in the car.
We split the driving and I took over the last leg of the trip over to our destination.
When you drive through Korea, or ride a bus or train, you pass through many mountainsides and farmland. Whenever I go down the highways of Korea I am amazed at how much is still left undeveloped. However, I am grateful that parts of Korea are still not modernized.

We arrived at our Pension, but were too early to check in. So we headed to the beach first. (A Pension in Korea is a stylized type hotel...kind of like a resort or condo. Except the room you rent varies in size and theme. But basically from my perspective it is what a normal house or dwelling should be unlike the high rise apartment buildings dotting the horizons everywhere.)

You will see more pictures of the Pension later for now enjoy the outdoor facilities...a grilling and eating structure...
And a lovely swing...
The Beach:
Anmyeondo beach and area is famous for its sunsets, beautiful sandy seasides and a National Recreation Forest full of a
rare kind of wild pine tree called "Anmyeonsong" growing only on the island.

In other words it is a slice of paradise. The beach wasn't too far away and we arrived in the morning time when it seemed just locals were there before the tourists set in.
It felt exhilarating to be back at a beach. The smell of suntan lotion mixed in with sea salt on the wind brought me back to my youth when I played on the shores in Florida.

We walked around a bit and I became so excited at the amount of beautiful seashells laying about. I was surprised they were still there and no one had plucked them from the sand. But it was low tide so the seabed was exposed and people were more interested in the live sea creatures to be found.
We walked back to the car to change our shoes to sandals. While on the way a police hovercraft came scooting about the beach. For why we didn't really know, but it certainly made quite the spectacle.
In the parking lot area there were bathroom facilities, an open area where you can wash off sandy feet and shoes, along with a make-shift mart and an entrance to the forest.
We headed back to the beach this time prepared with a beach ball and a bag to put collected shells in.

I couldn't help but keep my gaze downwards, for besides the seashells there were also many sea creatures. It was like I had walked into an Aquarium. But really it was just the tide pools.

I think whenever anyone approaches the shoreline at the beach they walk in and get that first feel of the water. I was surprised to notice that the water was a bit cooler than expected, but still quite nice.

JH's slippers were float able... haha

Since it was low tide there was some bedrock exposure allowing for beach goers to get an eye popping view of sea life. Walking up to the rocks you could tell something was alive about it because it made a kind hissing sound. I determined it was due to the sunshine drying up the creatures and barnacles that lived on the rocks.
Looking at the tide pools you noticed sea shells moving, due to that they still had their sea creature inside.

I feel it is always fun to see starfish in real life. They can be such a magical site to behold. It was getting close to lunch time so we headed inwards for a bite to eat. Of course this being an island the selection of restaurants mostly catered to seafood dishes. I am not much of a seafood person. But we were able to enjoy a few dishes without that being a problem.

The restaurant we picked was outdoors protected by a mosquito screen.
JH picked out a noodle soup called 칼국수 or Kalguksu. Noodles in broth with clams or oysters...see I don't know my seafood very well. JH ate the oysters while I enjoyed the noodles and veggies. It tasted very fresh and delightful.

After lunch we checked into our Pension and did some more things. But you will have to see that in part 2. For now I hope you can hear the sound of the seashore and know what a treat it was to go to the West Sea.

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  1. Great post!
    Very interesting.... where's your beach bum outfit?
    Ya remember:shorts, t.shirt, bathing suit underneath, etc...??? In Part 2?

    JOY LANGUAGE = "For JH and I we wanted to have ..."
    English Language: JH and I wanted to have...
    c'mon Joy!!!!!
    You need to translate your thoughts into ENGLISH!!

    Another post from
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