Thursday, July 23, 2009


On top of the usual benefits one receives when they finish a job in Korea it appears there are some other bonuses coming my way.

Apparently in January the city government changed the housing allowance to 600,000 Won a month, which is an increase from 400,000. My school has been receiving 600,000 Won to pay for my house ever since, but my house only costs 400,000 because it is a sh*t hole. Pardon my language

Therefore the school has been storing away 200,000 every month since January. My coteacher found out about this and informed me that I should receive the missing money before I finish. This is exciting news but I am only going to believe it 80% because it may have already been put into may bank account. Considering there were at times mystery deposits, but from what I recall they were never really that big. HAHA! Update*** Just got a call from my coteacher and she said that it won't work for me like that, because I never chose the option to take the money pay for the house myself. Instead the school pays for the house with a deposit from the city. Anyways it's not happening. Ah well.... but I still get the next bonus.

The other bonus is airfare. Since I signed on to this school while living in Korea they didn't have to pay for my flight over here. The way flight tickets go with Korean contracts is that if you work 6 months then you have earned your flight to Korea. Then if you work the remaining 6 months you earn a flight home after you finish your contract.

So I was presented with the offer to either take a money sum of the tickets or receive a round trip ticket at the end of my contract. As of right now I am not sure which to take because it depends on whether I will get a job in November or later on in the winter. So far the cash option looks nice because I could always use it later on to buy a ticket anyways. Or use it to get through living in Korea without a job while I am job hunting.

Hitting the job market again in Korea is a bit more interesting this time, for it seems the game rules have changed. I will get more into that later. For now I should work on getting my TESOL certificate completed.

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  1. are you also getting your

    from naver
    퇴직금(退職金) retirement grants[allowance, pay, emoluments, benefits];【해고 시의】a discharge[severance] allowance

    even foreigners are entitled to this


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