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Agra Food Interview

AgraFood the

monthly magazine published under the government budget. The name is Korea Agrafood ( and it has contained articles about agricultural products and its export. There is a content about people who live and like Korea.
Contacted me via email requesting an interview by me via email. I figured why not and just recently replied with my answers. I have to say I am a bit ashamed I couldn't name the Korean names of my favorite Korean dishes. So looks like I will try to jot it down the next time I eat it. haha

Here for you are the questions and answers...enjoy!

1. Could you introduce yourself? - and your profile
 I am a 27 year old woman from San Francisco, California. However I grew up in Florida and have lived in California too. I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2007 with a degree in Art. I enjoy living in Korea and have been doing so for a little over a year now.

2. Why do you came to Korea?
On New Year's Day 2008 I made a New Year's resolution to come and teach in Korea. At that time I was working at an insurance company and felt like my life was not very meaningful. Also I have always had an interest in Asian culture and traveling. I had never been outside the country and really wanted to explore. In addition I had previous jobs where I was with children and found that to be more enjoyable than office work. So I combined my two passions and decided to teach in Korea. I chose Korea because out of my other choices (China and Japan), Korea seemed to over the most benefits and appeared to be a clean and safe country.

How long have you been?
I have been hear since May 2008.

3. About Korean food.

1. What';s your favorite and what kinds of Korean food do you hate?
Unfortunately I have not memorized all of Korea's food names. For me my favorite is Lamb galbi because it is so unique. But I also enjoy the "pizza" or pancake type food. I really enjoy panchan (side dishes) because they offer a great variety at the table. Also I think Korean soups are very good and healthy. When I feel sick I no longer make my chicken soup but go out to a Korean restaurant and order Jook or other soup. The Korean food I hate are the foods sold in the carts on the street. I am skeptical of the food quality. I really don't like squid or octopus so anything with a strange sea creature I don't like.

2. Do you really enjoy Korean food?
Yes I really enjoy Korean food. It is very healthy and covers many food groups in one meal. I can tell Koreans have a long standing tradition with their food.

3. Is there any Korean food you can cook?
Unfortunately there is not, but with some time I would like to learn how to make a simple soup with tofu.

3. experience

1. What is you first impression about Korea or Korean culture?
My first impression of Korea when I came here about a year ago was that Korea is a very well developed country. I was amazed to see sky high apartment buildings. As for the culture I found it interesting to see how everyone talk boisterously during meals and that Koreans are very curious about Westerners.

2. Are you hanging out with Korean friends?
I have a Korean boyfriend and I spend my weekends with him.

3. In your opinion, where is the best part of Korea- for sightseeing and eating food.
I feel the best part of Korea for sightseeing and eating food is near the Insadong area called Samcheondong in Seoul There you can get a glimpse of old style buildings while also getting a feel for unique cafes in Korea. Also nearby is a famous palace which is very amazing. All in this neighborhood I feel are many unique places to experience Korean food and sightseeing. Every time I go I find someplace new and feel very relaxed. I highly recommend this part of Korea.

4. Future
I am nearing the end of my 1 year teaching contract so I am up for resigning. I would like to continue living in Korea and at my present school. The only way they can keep me if they provide me a better house. Unfortunately for English teachers our housing situation is often degrading. Now that I have been here a year I feel I deserve a quality home. Also I would like to explore Korea more and see the sites around the country. I haven't been to Busan or Jeju-do so it would be nice to see what is down there.

5. Last
Thank you for giving me this interview I hope it shows other people that foreigners living in Korea have a good time. We love to explore new places and find out what is going on in Korean society.

Could you tell me your opinion about Korean food and culture?
Korean food combines many different spices and ingredients. Whenever I eat a Korean meal I feel I can taste so many different things. I for one am not really fond of Kimchi but many foreigners like it. For me I can't handle the spiciness. I am constantly amazed at how fresh everything is prepared and cooked. I can tell Koreans value fresh food and meat. Also I enjoy Korea's seasonal fruits and vegetables. While shopping I can tell what is popular by all the ahjummas standing around the fruit or vegetable bins. I think Koreans see their daily meals as a way of providing comfort for all in their family.


  1. How about proofreading your statements .... there are spelling & grammatical errors. Some of your English expressions sounds downright juvenile! YES...I'm being extremely critical, because I think it's really time to get serious about expressing yourself more proficiently in WRITTEN nglish!
    I'm aghast...cause you're an ENGLISH teacher & should be very careful about these things especially in the public eye!
    I wouldn't take the time to show you the corrections below unless I believe this is an extremely important thing for you to get a handle on.
    Whether you share this on your blog or not PLEASE try to understand this is in your best interest!!
    "....Korea seemed to over..." offer
    "I have been hear since May 2008" here
    "Unfortunately I have not memorized all of Korea's food names. For me my favorite ....."

    "To date I have not learned the Korean words for many food items. My favorite...."
    --------------------" see how everyone talk boisterously "

    everyone talks

    " I am up for resigning......"
    contract renewal

    "The only way they can keep me if they provide me a better house."

    is if....

    "The only main condition I have for renewing my contract is being provided better housing."
    "Now that I have been here a year I feel I deserve a quality home. "

    "..... I derve a home of better quality!"
    STOP using the "for me" expression ....
    it is simply OK & better to just say.... "I don't like this or that...


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